250,000 company profiles and a review

We have developed a search engine that collects, maintains and links all data on the companies independently. Last week, the important milestone of 250,000 company profiles was passed, which the search engine profiles independently. A graphic and a short review to classify this intermediate result:


In March 2013, Implisense’s first server went into continuous operation to independently discover from a list of several thousand URLs, which are operated by economically active companies from Germany. These companies then profile the analysis backend of Implisense for each recurring inspection process.

In the summer of 2013, a cluster with four multi-core servers was installed for the first time in order to distribute the crawling and analysis and to expand the data stock to approx. 65,000 company profiles.

In September 2013, the further expansion of the cluster and the increase in the workload of the search engine began. A short time later, 160,000 company profiles were created and maintained automatically.

In January 2014, additional servers were added to the cluster and expanded at an initial rate of 1,000, and later 5,000 new companies per day. At the beginning of February 2014, the search engine knew about 220,000 companies.

In mid-February, 250,000 company profiles were achieved for the first time in the index and the rate of detection of new companies was reduced accordingly. The focus is now on optimizing search performance and analyzing unstructured text data. A particular focus is on the identification of company networks, i. e. the question of who works with whom and in which role. This feature will be presented for the first time at CeBIT 2014.