3 Use Cases of Predictive Intelligence

We already gave you some good reasons why you should use predictive analytics in your company in our last blog post. This time we outline three possible applications of Predictive Intelligence in marketing and sales, which help you to make lead generation more efficient and significantly increase your conversion rate.

Predictive Intelligence Use Case 1:

Monitoring & performance measurement of online advertising

CTR Conversion Rates Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence can help you learn a lot more about the people you reach with your online advertising. Because it is no longer only the data that is produced in the concrete context of your advertising playout that is used – but also many other signals that the user sends throughout the web. This allows you to identify leads with a specific purchase intention for a product or service like yours.

This knowledge advantage through predictive intelligence offers you two decisive advantages:

  1. You only need to play off your advertising to users who are very likely to have a concrete intention to buy. This minimizes wastage and allows you to use your budget much more efficiently.
  2. You can play out different messages tailored exactly to each stage of the buying process at different stages of the process. Thanks to the more targeted approach, you increase your conversion rate.

Predictive Intelligence Use Case 2:

Generate and qualify outbound leads more efficiently

By using predictive analytics, you no longer select your leads based only on demographic or firmographic data and, if necessary, certain trigger events. Instead, you gain decisive information about whether your leads have already developed a concrete buying interest, to which of your products this could refer and in which stage of the buying process your leads are.

Extremely high lead quality – and the possibility for your team to tailor both the time and the type of address to this individual status. For example, target leads that have just entered the buying process in order to be the first to pick them up and quickly conclude a deal before your competitors become aware.

Predictive Intelligence Use Case 3:

Efficient prioritization of inbound leads

Big Data Predictive Analytics

Companies often have few signals available that can be used as indicators for prioritizing inbound leads. The evaluation of numerous data not only from own sources but also from third party sources with predictive intelligence changes this abruptly. Instead of processing inbound leads chronologically due to a lack of information as is usual in many companies, you can now include information about how far the prospective customer has already progressed in the purchasing process in your evaluation. And treat your leads according to urgency, instead of randomly as before.

As you can see: In different scenarios of lead generation, lead prioritization and lead handling, you massively increase your efficiency and success rate through the use of predictive intelligence.