4 reasons for your company to deploy predictive analytics

The proverbial “look into the crystal ball” has long been a rather derogatory term. Speculations about events in the future were regarded as dubious, especially in data- and key performance indicator-oriented contexts such as marketing and sales. But thanks to Big Data and powerful algorithms, it will soon be impossible to imagine these very departments without a view into the crystal ball. Because the possible predictions are becoming more and more precise and can demonstrably contribute to increasing the quality of the leads, the conversion rate and ultimately also the turnover. Predictive intelligence is the key.

Predictive Intelligence evaluates data from the past, recognizes patterns and tries to make predictions about possible events in the future. The basic prerequisite is the enormous amount of data available today. Text mining algorithms, which can generate, assign and evaluate information from countless sources in the network, meanwhile no longer only provide you with the data for your predictive analytics that you gain yourself, for example from your website, but also from thousands of third-party sources. An enormous support for marketing and sales.

Predictive Analytics as a precise look into the crystal ball

Reason 1: Predictive analytics helps to identify specific prospects.

If you wanted to find out about a specific buying interest of one of your customers or prospects, you were largely dependent on active signals from them. For example in the form of a request or the opening of a test account. With the help of predictive analytics, however, you can now identify those companies and contacts who do not send you such active signals, but still have a concrete interest in a product or service like yours.

Instead of, as in the past, wasting resources on relatively undirected communication to generate demand with large scatter losses, Predictive Intelligence allows you to concentrate more on those leads for which this demand already exists. And get them to close the deal effectively with the right messages at the right time.

Reason 2: Predictive analytics improves the prioritization of your leads.

Predictive analytics allows you to see not only that one of your leads has a specific need and an interest in buying – but also how far its decision-making has progressed. By evaluating signals from your own and external sources, Predictive Intelligence recognizes what stage of the decision-making process your customer is currently in. A valuable basis for a daily prioritization of your leads in the sense of maximum utilization. And to accelerate the purchase decision through targeted marketing and sales activities.

Reason 3: Predictive analytics makes it possible to be the first.

Being the first supplier to contact a company in need of a specific product or service puts you in a strong and promising position. Because like no other, you have the opportunity to specifically train and inform interested parties and thus influence their specific needs – instead of having to fight against any possible reservations that your competitors have already spread.

With Predictive Intelligence you gain a deeper insight into the information and research patterns of your leads and understand the challenges they are currently trying to solve. And you can bring yourself and your product into the game as problem solvers at an early stage.

Reason 4: Predictive analytics helps you entering new markets.

Predictive Analytics Lead Generation

Entering a new market requires a great deal of market research. Use predictive analytics to gain detailed insight into what your potential customers are really looking for – and how they are looking for it. In this way you gain comparatively efficiently valuable insights for your go-to-market strategy. In addition, the extremely detailed data base enables you to carry out precise tests in order to finally create an extremely efficient market entry.

Reduce the random factor in your marketing and sales with predictive intelligence and revolutionize the way leads are generated, classified and handled in your organization.