Hackathon Uckermark 2020

The annual Implisense team event took place in August 2020. After the successful hackathons held on Mallorca (2017), Marrakech (2018) and most recently in the Algarve (2019), this year’s event brought the team straight from the home office throughout Germany to an area that is particularly adventurous for many big-city residents: the Uckermark.

Uckermark Hackathon 2020

It takes about 1.5 hours by train to get from the Implisense office to the Uckermark. In the salvey mill, the 12 Implisense employees set up their camp with laptops, sufficient network technology and a mobile pizza oven.

A hackathon at Implisense is a multi-day event in which employees work on self-defined software ideas and try to present one of the coolest possible demonstrators at the end of the week.

Uckermark Hackathon 2020

Technical developments were implemented in various small groups in the marketing, front-end, back-end and data analysis divisions. Exemplary developments were: Dashboards for the analysis of features and KPI improvements in marketing, block chain-based micropayments, sentiment classification of news, particularly fast clustering approaches in C++ for the calculation of peer groups, load balancers, design systems, map-based company searches as well as functional programming.

At the same time, the work was accompanied by organized insights into nature near the salvey mill. Among other activities, a guided canoe tour went to the nearby nature reserve on the Oder/Neisse river.

Uckermark Hackathon 2020

As always at all Hackathons, the discussion and programming was structured by pre-, intermediate, main and additional meals, crowned by a 5-course final of 5 cooking teams.


The Uckermark was the destination of this year’s Implisense Hackathon. The region can be reached comfortably and cheaply from Berlin in a good 1.5 hours by train. The landscape and low density of distractions provided an ideal environment for exciting developments. Among the most important topics of this year’s Hackathons were clustering, load balancing, micropayments, sentiment classification, blockchains, functional programming and visualization or design.

Uckermark Hackathon

Photo credits: Fotos von A. Grahl and A. Schäfer