AI project CoyPu: Early detection of indirect risks in global supply chains

Early detection of indirect risks (red) in complex Supply Chains (blue)

In recent months, consumers and businesses alike have sometimes painfully experienced how interconnected and dependent the global economy is in the supply of critical goods. Even remote events can lead to unexpected consequences in the German economy in a very short time. In parallel, the German government and the European Union are working to increase regulatory requirements for compliance with social and environmental standards in supply chains.

Operational work for a new data and analysis platform has been launched with leading companies and research organisations in Germany. The planned platform will provide easier access to monitoring global supply chains for new risks and thus contribute to future resilience in the German economy.

This development is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in the third call of the AI Innovation Competition. Implisense will provide the strong consortium with detailed data on companies, markets and events so that the partners are able to perform novel graph-based modelling and simulation of events for globally connected companies as quickly as possible.

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