Big Data Analytics: Profiles of Video Conferencing Buyers

In this blog series we would like to present some insights from our Scoring projects. Specifically how Implisense Data Scientists determine target customer profiles for selected products and services of key customers. The following insights were gained from Implisense’s data without the need for costly internal data processing at the customer’s premises. The preconditions for analysing the target customer profile are low. Our clients typically name 10-30 company names of sample customers in an Excel file, so that our Data Scientists can calculate a target customer profile on Implisense’s company data. For reasons of confidentiality, the names of the sample customers are not mentioned in the blog posts, but only the analytical results are presented and interpreted for you.

High-quality video conferencing solutions


A vendor of high-quality video conferencing solutions with regional marketing units want a more precise targeting of German companies and a better value-added communication especially for German medium-sized businesses.

The vendor sends Implisense a number of exemplary customers of its video conferencing solution in  Germany. The Implisense Data Scientists first perform an automated matching of the company names with the database of Implisense. Then they use the matches for the Big Data Analysis. The Data Scientists use all information available in the Implisense system about the mentioned companies and all other 2.2 million companies in Germany.


Identified characteristics of users of high-quality video conferencing solutions (Source: Implisense)

Generated Target Customer Profile

The target customer profile for customers of high-quality video conferencing solutions is geographically focused in the postcode areas 71 – Stuttgarter Umland, 70 – Stuttgart and 68 – Mannheim. Existing customers typically employ employees in classes 501-1000, >1000 employees and 101-500; there is no evidence of smaller companies. All customers report annual sales of >100 million euros. The primary industries for users of high-quality video conferencing solutions are C: Manufacturing, followed by G: Retail; Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and G46: Wholesale. Thematically, existing customers emphasize the quality of their products and services in their external communications with 56%, innovation with 53% and intelligence with 50%. The companies have an above-average number of locations in the following countries, sorted by decreasing importance: China, Japan, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore. Furthermore, the companies emphasize their substantial research activities with their own organizational units and their technologically sound product portfolio. The companies report strong growth over the last few years.

Interpretation of the Target Customer Profile

A sales story can be derived from the determined target customer profile. Accordingly, target customers of high-quality video conferencing solutions are likely to have a need to protect their technological know-how in view of the high communication efforts required by their international locations. Therefore, marketing should appeal to companies that have these structural characteristics and establish or expand locations in China, Japan and Brazil. Potential users should be found in the sales department, with emphasis on simplicity and reliability of the solution. Addressing users from research and development should also be examined, with an emphasis on knowledge protection through secure international communication and cooperation. In view of the margin situation for technologically leading and fast-growing companies, the costs and prices of the solution should play a rather minor role. Due to the technological affinity of the target customers, live demos could be more convincing. Furthermore, recommendation marketing should be used, as many of the sample customers are connected with potential new customers directly or through industry associations. This fact should be used in marketing and sales via personalized success cases with the naming of the linked business partners.

Recommendations of potential customers

The best match of the Implisense Lead Recommendation is Infineon Technologies AG. This company has substantial technological know-how, operates internationally in China, Japan, Brazil, Singapore and is connected to numerous reference customers.

In addition to Infineon Technologies AG, more than 1,200 other companies can be identified in Implisense Pro alone, which match the determined target customer profile and can be approached via the regional sales structure. Through the Implisense API, the client’s CRM team can create regular queries about which potential clients are notified of changes in the international locations and then implement automated 1:1 marketing campaigns for high-quality video conferencing solutions between the client’s headquarters and its international location.

Summary / TL;DR

Using exemplary buyers of a high-quality video conferencing system, Implisense data can be used to calculate meaningful target customer profiles within a short period of time. The target customer profile points to internationally active companies from Germany with technological know-how worthy of protection and sales and research units in Asia. These results can be used to address existing and potential customers 1:1 and can be integrated into automated marketing processes.