Review of the year 2019

Over the last 6 ½ years, Implisense has continuously optimized solutions for corporate customer sales by further developing the founding idea ” Find companies at the push of a button” and orienting itself on the current state of AI application possibilities.

In 2019, activities focused on the further development of the Companies and Markets research platform. We have further improved the search options in the companies database, added new features and implemented a plus section with even more company information. In order to further optimize the high data quality and user experience, five additional employees were hired to optimally complement our motivated team. During the hackathon in the Algarve in May 2019, different teams worked on various challenges.

Review of 2019 focus Companies and Markets

Selected news 2019 in descending chronological order

(Source: Blogposts 2019)

Partner: Since December 3 Implisense offers on the RapidAPI marketplace

New add on: Since November, qualify incoming emails directly in your mailbox with “Implisense for Gmail”

New feature: Since September, daily social media monitoring with over 250,000 current social media articles on company profiles

Plus verion: Since September employee numbers, full management and more information by free registration

Extended search options: Since July full text search combined with filters and search suggestions

New product: Since June use the free data base for companies

Relaunch: Until Apil research platform Companies and Markets improved

Prospects for 2020

In 2020 we want to continue working on the optimization of our company database. For this purpose we are looking for creative and personable people from the fields of UX design and front-end development.

We are looking forward to further exciting projects. If you are interested in our developments for company search or enterprise sales solutions, please contact us by phone: +49 30 4833 1281 or by e-mail to

Streamlined content marketing throughout the b2b customer journey

Attention has become a decisive currency for success in globalised competition – also in B2B marketing. Today’s decision-makers are confronted with an extreme variety of stimuli – which come unsolicited. With classic marketing instruments and cold sales methods, it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the background noise and reach potential customers sustainably. However, in order to reach the relevant set of your target group – i.e. the selection of providers and suppliers who could be considered for a possible purchase – it is crucial to provide the user with the right information at the point and time when he is searching for it himself. With a sophisticated content marketing strategy.

In this way, you are not perceived as a disrupter, but as a competence authority that creates added value. On the other hand, the quality of your content must meet the high demands of your target group and be clearly tailored to the respective needs of your user at the respective point in time in the customer journey. Effective content marketing in the B2B business therefore means: the right information in the right depth at the right time. In order for this to succeed, a basic understanding of the b2b customer journey is essential.

customer journey levels in content marketing

1. awareness stage

At the beginning of his journey, you cannot yet assume that your user has a concrete intention to buy. That’s why you shouldn’t frighten him with overly advertising content. At this point he would first like to get an overview of the topic with its opportunities and risks. And he tries to figure out basic solution options for a challenge he is currently dealing with. As unspecific and undirected as the interest is at this point in time, it is precisely there that it is worthwhile to reach the user with your content. Because at this point you shape his awareness for the further occupation with this topic. In this way, you can focus the user’s attention at an early stage on those aspects in which you know how to shine with your solution. At the same time, you position your brand as a credible opinion leader and win the trust of your potential customers.

2. consideration stage

Your user has gained a basic understanding of the topic and is now looking for concrete solution options. But be careful: he is not automatic to search for specific providers! For example, a sales manager might already have realized at this point that he can increase the efficiency of his team through more structured customer data. Now he is looking at what the implementation of a powerful CRM system would mean for him. However, the question of which software provider he finally decides on does not play a major role for him at this point. With the help of more in-depth content, you are increasingly pointing out concrete possible solutions. Prove a real understanding of the challenges your potential customer is facing. In this way, you embed your brand in your user’s mind as a value-added provider and finally in his relevant set.

3. transaction stage

At this point your user searches for concrete product information as a basis for the purchase decision. Compact and concrete. If you have acted smartly in the first two phases, your prospective customer will pay particular attention to the aspects that you have previously established as important when making the purchase decision. However, even in this phase, it is essential that you keep the focus on the customer. In your communication, concentrate not only on the features of your offer, but above all on the tangible advantages that result for your customer. Through the trust you have gained in your brand in advance and the concrete buying interest, your sales department can now exploit these leads particularly efficiently and conclude the deal.

4. binding stage

Do not consider the customer journey completed after a successful sale. By continuing to provide your customers with useful content – now also via targeted dialogue media – you are laying the groundwork for promising upselling potential. And promote long-term customer loyalty. Continue to build trust in your brand so that you benefit from your long-term investment in this customer.

Content Marketing along the customer journey needs understanding

In order to be able to address your target group in the respective phases of the customer journey, you need to gain a real understanding of your (potential) customers on two levels: You have to internalize the challenges they face on a daily basis and for which your offer can represent a solution, either directly or indirectly. And you need to know which phase of the customer journey your user is in. Signals about acute trigger events help you to draw conclusions about the current status of a company in the purchase decision process. You can read how Implisense Pro can help you use them for your marketing in a previous post on our blog.

Help to shape the decision-making process of potential customers from the very beginning and benefit from a noticeable simplification of work in sales. With an integrated content marketing strategy, you guide prospective customers through the entire B2B customer journey to a successful deal.

Relaunch of the free research platform Companies and Markets

If you have visited our research platform Companies and Markets in recent weeks, you will certainly have noticed numerous innovations.

We have refreshed the design and thus made the site much clearer for the users. The search results of a selection can now be identified more clearly this way. In addition, a histogram now illustrates the distribution of the company size in the search result in relation to the total data stock.

The company profiles are also much clearer. The master data in the right area has been divided thematically and can now also be seen directly above in the mobile view. After the relaunch, the date of foundation and links to the most important social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, etc.) are also displayed.

For a better search experience, speed and compatibility with all browsers have been significantly improved.

An overview of the changes

  • Greater clarity thanks to card design
  • Additional data points added: age/founding of a company, links to social media sites
  • Search results are now clickable everywhere
  • Breadcrumbs replaced by “Home” and “Back” buttons
  • Icons have been completely reworked
  • A QR code has been added to company profiles to make it easier to share links with others
  • Semantic data according to have been revised
  • Internet Explorer search has been improved
  • Faster loading of pages, especially for mobile use

About Companies and Markets

Companies and Markets offers you an intelligent and up-to-date company and market research. Selections identify companies that deal with innovative technologies, current trends or any other search terms on their websites. This is made possible by applying modern text mining techniques to the content of corporate websites. The individual company profiles provide a more detailed overview of the respective companies.

Sample Use Cases

Have a look (once again). The Companies and Markets research platform makes your marketing and sales tasks much easier.

Review of the year 2018

2018 was a very productive year for Implisense. Thanks to the newly introduced team-based organisational structure with OKR methodology, significantly more developments could be carried out in parallel. Our customers benefited from this with completely new analyses, software and data services. For the first time Implisense delivers data on more than 2,000,000 companies per day to customers. One customer registered more than 1,000 users in our Enterprise solution. Due to the further increase in annual sales, additional employees can also be hired in 2019. We have introduced consistent blogging and social media publishing to ensure that our customers and interested parties are regularly informed about news on enterprise sales automation. This forms the basis for a compact review of last year’s highlights:

  • 5 new data analysis
  • 4 new products and services
  • 3 new marketers
  • 3 exhibition participations and 3 lectures
  • 1 anniversary celebration 5 years Implisense
  • 1 outstanding team event in africa
review of the year 2018

A selection of news from 2018

in descending chronological order:

New product: Better conversation preparation with Implisense Premium Reports

Data analyses: Typing of personality at company level

Exhibition participation: Implisense at TechCrunch Disrupt 2018 in Berlin

Data analyses: Monitoring international activities of companies

New partner: RapidAPI markets the Implisense API internationally

New partner: ABAS enters into marketing partnership with Implisense

Anniversary: Implisense is five

Exhibition participation: Implisense exhibits at DIGITAL2018

New product: E-Mail Qualifier for inbound lead qualification

Lecture: Artificial intelligence in sales at log in. berlin.

New partner: Zapier enables integration of Implisense in over 800 systems

Data analyses: Technographics – Identify technologies used by companies

Data analyses: Successful completion of the IBB project Customer Prediction Platform (CPP)

Data analyses: This is how 20 trigger events can be targeted in sales

Team event: Implisense goes Africa – Hackathon in Marrakech

New product: Companies and Markets launches in Germany

New product: Implisense Leads – individual company selections as service

Exhibition participation: Enterprise Sales Automation at HTPC 2018

Prospects for 2019

In 2019, we want to internationalize the development and marketing of Enterprise Sales Automation. To this end, we are looking for further intelligent and likeable people from the fields of software engineering, data science and marketing. So if 2019 is also a year in which you would like to invest in one of the most advanced enterprise sales automation technologies from Germany, we look forward to talking to you, e.g. at HPTC 2019 in Bonn, at hub 2019 in Berlin or simply on the phone: +49 30 4833 1281.

Qualify e-mail addresses simply and permanently free of charge

With our new free e-mail qualifier, you’ll get a first overview of who you’re potentially dealing with! With this new product you can qualify your incoming email addresses. By automatically redirecting to the Companies and Markets network profile pages created by Implisense, you will be able to view basic information about German companies contacting you. There you can see the company’s master data, simple analyses, as well as information on economic activity and recent events at the company.

Simple, unregistered use free of charge

For the use of this service you do not need any requirements except a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge). Registration with Implisense is not necessary.

Simply enter the following URL into the URL field of your web browser:<E-Mail-Adresse>

Replace <E-Mail-Adresse> with the e-mail address of a German company you want to qualify.

Just give it a try with our e-mail address:

Implisense e-mail qualifier


Integration of the e-mail qualifier into your website

You can also integrate the service directly into your website. How this works and what else you need to know is explained on our product page e-mail qualifier.

We offer this service permanently free of charge and without registration or obligations. If you consider this service useful, please tell your business partners about it! Of course, we would also be pleased to receive your feedback.