It’s Coming Home: Companies and Markets becomes Implisense!

On the Monday before Ash Wednesday we performed a parade of a special kind: Our portal “Companies and Markets”, the leading German B2B portal for company data, is now available directly under our homepage! With this we want to express: The portal is now in a state we feel comfortable with ; it is something we want to be identified with as a brand.

The migration will also bring you several new advantages:

  1. We have significantly improved the design and usability of the portal. Increased readability, clearer structures – we hope you like the new look!
  2. You can now sign on for the Implisense Plus offer directly with Implisense. In addition to the previous options of OAuth registration via Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn, we now also offer you a direct Double-Opt-In option.
  3. The Implisense Plus offer itself has also been improved. In particular, registered users can now mark their own favourites, so that you always have the companies you are particularly interested in at a glance.

Of course it continues: You can also look forward to further new developments in the following weeks and months. Our goal is to remain or become your first point of contact for company information of any kind.

PS: Do you already know our

You can quickly, easily and free of charge look up companies under the URL “”. Just give it a try!

In many browsers (e.g. Chrome) you can also configure “” as a search engine and assign a keyboard shortcut (e.g. “i”), then it works even faster and easier! And you can integrate our company profiles directly via iframe in many CRM systems, so that you always know at a glance who you are dealing with. And all this is completely free of charge and without registration.

Learn more about the Implisense Lookup “

Favorite company searches on Companies and Markets

After we have significantly expanded the search possibilities of our portal Companies and Markets some time ago and provided you with the suggestion for search support, today we would like to present you with some current search queries, which should clarify the possibilities of the portal for you and offer you inspiration to formulate your own specific queries. We have grouped the requests according to filter types in order to offer you a simple orientation. So let’s start with a typical scenario:

1. Combination of full text search and location filter

The simplest form of search is to combine a full text search (which also searches company websites) with a filter, e.g. one or more location filters.


Suche Windparks in Niedersachsen

2. Combination of full text search and industry filter:

Instead of a local filter, any other filter can also be used, e.g. an industry filter.

The combination of full-text search and industry filter can also be used to find companies more precisely.

Ebenfalls lassen sich Firmen aus einer Branche finden, die über eine bestimmte Eigenschaft verfügen.

3. Combination of full text search and size filter:

Of course, the full text search can also be combined with a size filter. In this way, for example, unusual companies can be identified.

Suche Kleinstunternehmen mit ISO 9001

4. Combination of industry and size filters:

Of course you can also find suitable companies with a combination of filters without a full text search.

5. Full text search with current time reference:

The full text search can be used for products as well as for technologies or certifications. A time reference is also possible.

6. Full text search with alternative phrases:

Sometimes it is necessary to use the full text search with alternative formulations for the same subject in order to obtain a comprehensive search result.

7. Thinking outside the box:

We would like to encourage you to consider thinking outside the box!

Suche Craft Beer Hersteller in Berlin

Please feel free to share your ideas with us; we look forward to hearing from you!

Tip: In contrast to the general company profile, the Plus profile contains more content intended for users who require background information. This can be done by registering free of charge via Google or LinkedIn.

3 use cases for dark data analysis in marketing & sales

Data is the new currency in marketing and sales. The processes in these departments are becoming more and more data-driven – certainly also in your company. However, the more sales and marketing rely on it, the more important it is that the data on which decisions are based is really the right and relevant data. But this is not always the case. Because most tech platforms are only able to collect and process a small part of the available information. Namely, visible and structured data that almost always refer to the past. A true treasure of data of multiple size lies beneath the surface, which would enable much more precise statements in real time as well as highly probable forecasts – dark data. The problem is that they hide largely unstructured in a large number of scattered sources.

Dark Data - unstructured dataThe great thing is that AI is increasingly capable of detecting, collecting and – above all – interpreting this unstructured data. This gives you much deeper insights into your leads and customers, enables you to react more quickly to changes and provides you with more information on whether you are using the right data points as the basis for segmenting your contacts.

Three typical examples of how you can use Dark Data in your marketing and sales:

Use Case 1: In-depth insights for preparing calls

Technology profile e.g. from Dark DataImagine you could see at a glance which technologies a potential customer is using in his company, you knew in which countries he is going to increase his activities – without official announcement – or in which product groups the company is currently investing more. This and more information is already available on the Companies and Markets platform. And all this in a clear graphic format for quick preparation of meetings. The data for this is collected by an AI from millions of sources on the Deep Web. It interprets signals and mentions that have not been taken into account in conventional data collection – for example, the prerequisite for certain software skills in job ads. This turns a huge amount of unstructured data into meaningful, in-depth company profiles that you can call up with just one click. In a slimmed-down form even free of charge.

Use Case 2: Validation of data sets and trigger event detection

Even the most extensive data set is only valuable if it is up-to-date. AI-supported data enrichment and updating – for example using the Implisense API – also relies on Deep Data. Have records about your leads and customers automatically replenished and kept up to date. Quantity and quality of data in one solution. Another benefit of automatically updating your records: You recognize trigger events as early as possible and can react immediately. By evaluating the unstructured signals on the Deep Web, you know about relevant changes in your contacts even before your competition.

Use Case 3: Automatic segmentation based on relevant data

Data form the informative basis for the creation of positive customer experiences and the interpretation of customer behaviour. But are you sure you’re really looking at the relevant data points? An example: A restaurant wants to get to the bottom of the decline in walk-in customers. To do this, those responsible use customer feedback on food, ambience and service. But what if the main reason is a difficult parking situation in the surrounding area? If your interpretations are based on the wrong data points, you will draw the wrong conclusions and possibly even act counterproductively.

Implisense Pro helps you segment your customers and leads with Dark Data. Because the AI searches among the huge datasets it has created from the unstructured information for commonalities that connect your best customers. And on this basis, it suggests companies that also have these characteristics. The algorithm automatically determines which data points are important for identifying leads with great potential for you. In other words, the segmentation is really based on the relevant data.

Lift the data treasure below the surface by making Dark Data usable in marketing and sales.

Social media posts for 250,000 company profiles

More than 3.5 billion people worldwide use social media. It is estimated that 81% of small and medium-sized enterprises use one of the popular social media platforms (Brandwatch 2019). We want to help more people gain easy access to social media contributions from companies. For this purpose, an integration of the latest social media posts has been implemented on approx. 250,000 company profiles, with an upward trend. This integration is now live for German companies that operate a social media presence. The connected social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Further integrations are in preparation.

The company profile of Circus Internet, a start-up from our neighbourhood, shows how current social media posts are integrated:
Social media posts in the company profile of the startup Circus Internet

With the new free feature, we want to help German companies achieve greater reach and visibility for their social media activities without any additional effort. For all users of Companies and Markets, social media monitoring helps to see all current social media contributions to new offers, jobs and company development tips in a single place. After a simple and free registration you will also see PLUS company profiles with extended information such as employee numbers and complete management.

Do you like the feature? Would you like further additions? If so, please write to us at