Maximum visibility for your business

Many users on Companies and Markets are looking for wholesalers or manufacturers. Are you interested to be better found with your business online in Germany and internationally?

In this way we ensure maximum visibility for your company:

    1. Your company appears in search suggestions for defined keywords.
    2. Your company will be highlighted on search results pages for similar providers.
    3. Your company will be linked to business partners close to the same industry.
    4. Your company data is published in such a way that Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and specialised company directories can read in this data in a structured manner and thus increase your reach.

Visibility by company profile entry

These are just some of the advantages of having your own company listing on Companies and Markets. The offer is currently under construction and the waiting list has been opened. You have a company in Germany and want maximum visibility? Then register here without obligation.

Registration provides staff numbers and complete management

The Data Scientists at Implisense are constantly working on preparing useful content on companies. The Plus version of Companies and Markets has been developed for users who need background information on a company. It requires free registration via Google and LinkedIn.

The benefits of your registration:

    1. Complete management – all board members, managing directors and authorised signatories
    2. Number of employees – the number of employees shown in the company’s annual financial statements.
    3. Complete technology profile – all technologies from the company website or from jobs.
    4. Company e-mail address – non-personal contact e-mail addresses from the company website

Plus version of Companies and Markets with free registration

In contrast to the general company profile, the Plus Profile contains more content intended for users who wish to obtain background information. This requires a free registration via Google or LinkedIn. Here you can register directly for a free Plus account.

Do you like the add-ons? Would you like more information? If so, please write an email to

Technologies for more quality and quantity in sales

Some people claim that technology solves the problems you wouldn’t have without it. Without technology, it is almost impossible to make efficient sales today, say the others. However, digitization and automation can accelerate and improve the quality of many sales processes.

Quantitative sales optimization: Process more leads more efficiently

A constant issue in most sales departments is the question of how existing resources can be used even more efficiently and how as many leads as possible can be processed with as little time as possible. With the right technology, you can semi-automate many sales processes and save a considerable amount of time.

  1. More calls with sales dialers

    The sales dialer is an automatic dialling computer that shortens the idle time between multiple calls and thus ensures optimal time utilization in outbound marketing. Not only does it automatically start the next dialing process, but it also immediately provides the sales representative with the necessary customer record. Many power dialers dial more than one number at a time to further reduce waiting times. More advanced predictive dialers even learn from the customer’s telephony behavior – i.e. reachability times, time to answer the call, call duration – and optimize outgoing dialing attempts accordingly.

  2. Authenticity through sales videos

    The potential customer’s trust in the sales employee is in any case a decisive factor in whether a successful conclusion is reached or not. This can be achieved much better with the help of a face than with just a voice on the phone or even just a text mail. Emails that include a sales video are not only better clicked, they also have a higher conversion rate. Because being able to face your virtual counterpart creates commitment – especially if you personalize the videos.

  3. Reach customers with text messages

    Which of your sales e-mails recently had an opening rate of more than 90 percent? Text messages via SMS or common messaging services are almost always opened, usually within a few minutes. And they are positively perceived by customers – as long as they are concise and meaningful. A fast and effective communication channel with your leads, especially as reminders. However, you should make sure that you actually send them to the potential customer’s service phone. Many decision makers consider business text messages annoying on private devices.

Qualitative sales optimization: Win the customer’s loyalty

For many reasons, when a customer is on board, it is worth investing in the customer’s loyalty. On the one hand, you want him to stay with you for a long time and be open to cross-selling and up-selling options. On the other hand, he can also become interesting for you as a multiplier who opens the way into his network. Technology-supported processes can also help here.

  1. CRM as a lexicon about your customers

    A strong CRM system as the collective brain of your sales team is almost essential if you want to build sustainable relationships with your customers. This is where all the information about your contacts comes together to form a clear overview – immediately accessible when the customer calls. This tool is particularly powerful if you have it filled with comprehensive data without having to collect it yourself. Has your customer just opened a new location? Is he looking for personnel in a specific area? With the Implisense API, your CRM system is constantly updated with the latest customer data. A valuable information advantage for the development of a loyal customer service provider relationship.

  2. Knowing what customers really want

    Now, more than ever, technology gives you the ability to gain insight into the behavior of your customers before and after talking to your sales representative – and draw valuable conclusions. Evaluate, for example, how long visitors to your website deal with which content. Track the opening rates of your e-mails and find out how many people in the company have viewed a document. This will give you insight into what your customers are really interested in, their level of interest and on which leads you should use how many resources.

  3. Algorithms are the best investigators

    At first glance, when we talk about increasing sales efficiency, it seems to run counter to the desire to be a well-informed salesperson who knows his customers’ needs well. Because intensive research costs a lot of time. But technology can also help here. Because practical text mining algorithms can research many times faster, more specifically and more effectively than your sales team. And prepare the data into easily usable appetizers. On the Companies and Markets platform, for example, you can display clearly arranged background information on around two million companies with just one click. In which countries has the company recently become more active? Which technologies does it rely on? And which target groups does it address? In less than five minutes you have gained in-depth information – thanks to the preliminary work of algorithms. And you can do it for free.

Not every technology is like the holy grail that makes your sales team a high flyer. But if you cleverly integrate the new opportunities into your sales processes, you can achieve both: more quantity in exploiting your leads and more quality in building sustainable customer relationships.

From generation X to Z: What characterizes them?

Communication with companies is also always first and foremost communication with people. At the other end of the line or table is always a person who can never completely free himself or herself from his or her own impressions and attitudes, imprints and personal goals as well as from his or her very own background of values. That is why it is also crucial in B2B marketing to understand what kind of person you are dealing with on the customer side. This is even more important when addressing potential specialists for your own company.

There are certain formative differences in values between the individual generations that cannot be ignored. Of course, these can never be completely generalized, but on average, studies repeatedly confirm certain patterns in the thinking and acting of certain birth cohorts. These differences are often based on changes in the living conditions under which these people grow up or have grown up. In addition, there are drastic events that can shape a generation. And last but not least, the constant changes are also based on the experience of the respective parent generation and the targeted differentiation from it.

What is the difference between the generations X, Y and Z?

Generation X: Pragmatic individualists

Generation X – also known as Generation Golf – refers to those born between 1956 and 1979. Their development was strongly influenced by the effects of the economic crisis as well as by a change in society due to a significantly increasing divorce rate. But also through the demarcation to the previous generation of baby boomers, who had mainly made work the centre of their lives. Generation X no longer sees working as an end in itself, but as a necessary means of achieving prosperity and – above all – personal freedom. In this respect, they are very well educated, ambitious and aspiring and are constantly looking for career opportunities. But above all in order to achieve their goal of the highest possible quality of life after work. The desire for advancement is reflected in a result-oriented individualism and a certain pragmatism – they prefer to work independently rather than in a team.

Generation Y: Team-oriented project workers

For Generation Y, the “millenials” born between 1980 and 1993, the search for meaning and self-realization in their working lives ranks significantly higher than for their predecessors. In return, they are also prepared to soften the boundaries between work and private life to a greater extent. For this first generation of digital natives, there is no longer work on the one hand, with which one makes one’s private life possible on the other, but both merge more strongly into one another and are supposed to be fulfilling in their own way. A give and take. The natural use of the Internet and growing up with the communication-oriented Web 2.0 have turned Generation Y into experienced networkers and team players – online and offline – as well as experienced multi-taskers. They are driven by the search for variety, which is reflected in a more pronounced tendency towards project work as well as involvement in private projects outside regular work.

Generation Y teamwork

Generation Z: Test-friendly networkers

Interestingly enough, with the beginning of the entry of those born between about 1994 and 2010, the boundaries between work and private life are becoming sharper again. Clearer distinctions are increasingly desired, the end of work should be the end of the day. Not least because Generation Z is once again looking for fulfilment in their private lives rather than at work. Above all in the maintenance of social contacts, which are constantly available in view of a digitization lived since early childhood. A demarcation between virtual and real contact maintenance hardly takes place any more. In private, but also in professional terms, the possibilities for this generation to shape their own lives are more diverse than ever before. However, this also entails a certain helplessness and decision-making difficulties. People like to try different things. These opportunities for development are a curse and a blessing for Generation Z, because they also lead to noticeable insecurity in the face of an uncertain future. Especially since they will probably not reach the prosperity of their parents’ generation.

Generation Z digital device

Thus, while some trends seem to continue linearly across different generations, in other respects – for example in the separation of work and private life – there is a reversal of earlier developments. In fact, each generation has its own set of requirements for business partners and employers. Understanding these is a big step in the search for the right approach towards your target group.

Generation Z Companies and MarketsTo find out which providers in the German market are dealing specifically with generations, please visit the free search platform Companies and Markets . 

By the way, there are not only common characteristics between individuals, but also between companies. Find companies with similar requirements in order to be able to tailor your approach as specifically as possible. At the touch of a button with Implisense Pro.

Relaunch of the free research platform Companies and Markets

If you have visited our research platform Companies and Markets in recent weeks, you will certainly have noticed numerous innovations.

We have refreshed the design and thus made the site much clearer for the users. The search results of a selection can now be identified more clearly this way. In addition, a histogram now illustrates the distribution of the company size in the search result in relation to the total data stock.

The company profiles are also much clearer. The master data in the right area has been divided thematically and can now also be seen directly above in the mobile view. After the relaunch, the date of foundation and links to the most important social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, etc.) are also displayed.

For a better search experience, speed and compatibility with all browsers have been significantly improved.

An overview of the changes

  • Greater clarity thanks to card design
  • Additional data points added: age/founding of a company, links to social media sites
  • Search results are now clickable everywhere
  • Breadcrumbs replaced by “Home” and “Back” buttons
  • Icons have been completely reworked
  • A QR code has been added to company profiles to make it easier to share links with others
  • Semantic data according to have been revised
  • Internet Explorer search has been improved
  • Faster loading of pages, especially for mobile use

About Companies and Markets

Companies and Markets offers you an intelligent and up-to-date company and market research. Selections identify companies that deal with innovative technologies, current trends or any other search terms on their websites. This is made possible by applying modern text mining techniques to the content of corporate websites. The individual company profiles provide a more detailed overview of the respective companies.

Sample Use Cases

Have a look (once again). The Companies and Markets research platform makes your marketing and sales tasks much easier.