It’s Coming Home: Companies and Markets becomes Implisense!

On the Monday before Ash Wednesday we performed a parade of a special kind: Our portal “Companies and Markets”, the leading German B2B portal for company data, is now available directly under our homepage! With this we want to express: The portal is now in a state we feel comfortable with ; it is something we want to be identified with as a brand.

The migration will also bring you several new advantages:

  1. We have significantly improved the design and usability of the portal. Increased readability, clearer structures – we hope you like the new look!
  2. You can now sign on for the Implisense Plus offer directly with Implisense. In addition to the previous options of OAuth registration via Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn, we now also offer you a direct Double-Opt-In option.
  3. The Implisense Plus offer itself has also been improved. In particular, registered users can now mark their own favourites, so that you always have the companies you are particularly interested in at a glance.

Of course it continues: You can also look forward to further new developments in the following weeks and months. Our goal is to remain or become your first point of contact for company information of any kind.

PS: Do you already know our

You can quickly, easily and free of charge look up companies under the URL “”. Just give it a try!

In many browsers (e.g. Chrome) you can also configure “” as a search engine and assign a keyboard shortcut (e.g. “i”), then it works even faster and easier! And you can integrate our company profiles directly via iframe in many CRM systems, so that you always know at a glance who you are dealing with. And all this is completely free of charge and without registration.

Learn more about the Implisense Lookup “ – free database about companies

In several previous blog articles we have introduced you to the free Implisense Lookup, which allows you to research email addresses of incoming contacts or simply companies that interest you. Furthermore, we demonstrated how you can set up this functionality as a search with abbreviations in different browsers.

Today we present you the simplest variant of the lookup. We call it “ – The free database about companies”. It works in any browser, on any device. For this purpose we have acquired the domain “”. Just click on one of the examples below:

As you can see, the URL “” can simply be supplemented with company names or e-mail addresses and will be forwarded directly to an informative company profile on our platform Companies and Markets. Thus “” functions as a link shortener (can be easily forwarded and shared) and as a lookup in one. All this without any prerequisites; no costs arise for you and no registration is required.

Tip: Please set the language to English the first time you use it.

We believe that this is a useful tool to help you improve the quality of your sales processes.

Faster company search in your browser

You receive an e-mail from an unknown sender and want to know who is behind it? Or you get a call from a company you don’t know yet?

With the new search function for Chrome and Firefox, you can get background information on e-mail addresses and company names with immediate effect.

Your search will be carried out on the Companies and Markets search platform operated by Implisense. Here you will find important company information of German companies such as company address, check for economic activity / insolvency as well as their products and services and technologies. This information is intended to help you process enquiries and research tasks.

Step-by-step guide how to integrate the lookup in your browser

This is how you set up your lookup in Chrome:

  1. Open the settings window for Chrome.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the point “Search engine”; click on “Manage search engines”.
  3. Click on the “Add” button (for “Other search engines”).
  4. A window with three input fields will open. Make the following entries (without quotation marks):
    1. Enter a name in the field “Search engine”, e.g. Implisense
    2. Type an abbreviation under “Search abbreviation”, under which you want to activate the lookup in the address bar, e.g. i
    3. Under “URL with %s instead of search query” enter the URL of the lookup:
  5. Click on “Save” and close the settings.

Try it right now!

Browserintegration Beispielsuche

Enter the address bar and type in your query by entering the previously defined search abbreviation (e.g. i) and the search term (company name or e-mail address), e.g. i Implisense Press ” Return ” to start the search and display the desired company profile on the Companies and Markets platform.

In Firefox you can also set the search. The instructions for integrating the lookup into Firefox can be found here.

Browserintegration Logo Lookup

We offer this service (formerly Implisense E-Mail-Qualifier) permanently free of charge and without registration or obligations.

We are looking forward to your recommendations and of course to to your feedback.

Qualify e-mail addresses simply and permanently free of charge

With our new free e-mail qualifier, you’ll get a first overview of who you’re potentially dealing with! With this new product you can qualify your incoming email addresses. By automatically redirecting to the Companies and Markets network profile pages created by Implisense, you will be able to view basic information about German companies contacting you. There you can see the company’s master data, simple analyses, as well as information on economic activity and recent events at the company.

Simple, unregistered use free of charge

For the use of this service you do not need any requirements except a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge). Registration with Implisense is not necessary.

Simply enter the following URL into the URL field of your web browser:<E-Mail-Adresse>

Replace <E-Mail-Adresse> with the e-mail address of a German company you want to qualify.

Just give it a try with our e-mail address:

Implisense e-mail qualifier


Integration of the e-mail qualifier into your website

You can also integrate the service directly into your website. How this works and what else you need to know is explained on our product page e-mail qualifier.

We offer this service permanently free of charge and without registration or obligations. If you consider this service useful, please tell your business partners about it! Of course, we would also be pleased to receive your feedback.