Search suggestions in real time

With real-time search suggestions, we want to provide you with suggestions as you type to help you find the right companies faster. With each letter you add, suggestions are improved and possible search queries are suggested.

Suggester overview

With the new function you will receive immediate suggestions for search entries. The structure of the search suggestions is shown in the following figure.

The largest category is made up of concrete companies that match your search in terms of their company name. They are displayed centrally at the top. At the bottom left you will see suggestions for industries. Note that based on “parf”, the system is already able to infer perfume and predict the industry Manufacture of essential oils. You can see important zip code areas of companies for this search query at the bottom right.

History function

And one more thing: As a convenience feature, the system remembers the last company profiles you visited. Then you can more easily jump back to a company you have already visited if you wanted to look up something else. The prerequisite for this is that a local cookie can be set.

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Public funding data on companies

At, companies can now view the public funding they have received. With over 100,000 funded projects, the federal government provides important support for the innovative performance of German companies.

Implisense queries the federal government’s public funding database at regular intervals and generates a separate message on from the large amount of individual data at the beginning and end of each funding project. This allows to view the start of innovation activities as well as the results.

Example use cases

  • Support customers in their innovation activities
  • Discover companies with new innovation topics
  • Evaluate suppliers regarding their innovation strength

Notifications of new and previous funding are displayed in the chronicle of the respective funded company. An example of a funding notification is provided by Implisense itself through its funding by the German Federal Ministry of Economics in the third call of the AI Innovation Contest.

Public Funding Info

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Short Balance Sheets

Short Balance (example)

Implisense Plus customers now have access to short balance sheets for up to 1 million companies – including a key figure trend.

From user feedback, we have learned of the additional need for more detailed financial ratios. Through the FinForSME project, Implisense already automatically imports published financial ratios from companies and recalculates the values from the assets and liabilities of the balance sheets to achieve a high plausibility of the ratios. The values from plausible balance sheet data can now be found in the respective company profiles as a short balance sheet.

The recalculated short balance sheet allows you to quickly check the economic situation of important customers and suppliers. If the company publishes the key figures in the annual financial statement, the key figures of the last two previous years are also listed and a key figure trend is shown.

Sample use cases

  • View free liquid assets at potential new customers and derive investment opportunities
  • Determine debt levels of key suppliers and establish early watch lists
  • View financial ratios of similar competitors and perform benchmarkings

The FinForSME project is co-financed by Investitionsbank Berlin-Brandenburg. Customers of Implisense Plus already benefit from the results of this project.

A license of Implisense Plus is required to view the more detailed data.

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Top 10 searches for companies in Germany

  • #10: Information about an existing company

Search for “Zalando”

  • #9: German market leaders

Search for “world market leader” “large enterprises” “robots”

  • #8: Specialized companies from particular locations

Search for “Blockchain” in “Berlin”

  • #7: Large companies from certain locations

Search for “Bonn” and “large enterprises”

  • #6: People search

Search for “Höttges, Timotheus”

  • #5: Search for suppliers

Search for “Wholesales of metal”

  • #4: Companies from certain industries

Search for “Retail sale of motor vehicles”

  • #3: Companies in certain regions

Search for “Nordrhein-Westfalen”

  • #2: Companies at certain addresses

Search for “Friedrich-Ebert-Allee”

  • And #1: Companies at certain places

Search for “53113” or “Bonn” 

Thus, even after our analyses, regional searches are more numerous than searches for specific topics. 

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