Qualify email contacts in Gmail for free

Do you use Gmail for business contacts? Then we have some news for you: You can now qualify German business emails automatically. With the free “Implisense for Gmail” add-on.

Recent Events with the Implisense for GMail Add-on The Implisense for Gmail add-on is targeted at an B2B audience. It uses the Implisense API to resolve email addresses from commercial senders to identify the company behind the sender (solely based on the domain, not on any personal data). The add-on displays basic information about the company, such as the address, the website, and recent events. It furthermore links to the full company profile on the public companies-and-markets.com portal.

Resolve email addresses with the Implisense for GMail add-on Using this add-on, you will immediately see who you are dealing with. So you can prioritize your requests much better. The link to our Companies and Markets platform also gives you a detailed company profile of your enquiries, which helps you to personalise your response more effectively.

This tool will help you to make your sales and marketing process more efficient and effective.

Free download and installation of the “Implisense for Gmail” add-on.

5 ways to promote the consequent use of CRM in your company

A well maintained CRM system can be a powerful tool for sales and customer service in your company. But only if it is consistently used and maintained by all parties involved. Especially after the implementation of such a system in your company there are often difficulties to establish this culture firmly in your company. To ensure that your investment in a CRM system pays off in the long term, these 5 aspects can help you to motivate your employees to consistently use the CRM system right from the start.

5 ways to promote the consequent use of CRM in your company

1. involve employees – right from the start

While you, the manager, have particular access to the reporting functions of a well-functioning CRM system, it is primarily the operative employees in sales and customer service who have to work intensively with the system on a daily basis. And they use it differently than you do. That’s why you should attach great importance to your employees’ feedback. And preferably already in the test phase. Involve future users before and during the implementation of a CRM system and take their opinions and comments seriously. After all, the CRM should support them in their daily work. In this way you achieve more involvement and greater acceptance of the system among the users in your company.

2. define clear processes

In order to keep the quality and consistency of the data in your CRM system as high as possible on the one hand and to make optimum use of the system’s support function on the other, clearly defined processes are required in your company. Only if every employee knows how to handle which data in which situation is it possible to ensure the reproducibility of the processes in your company. And only if your CRM is sensibly integrated into these processes can its advantages be perceived directly by the individual employee.

3. communicate individual advantages

There immediately follows the next aspect: For some employees, a CRM system with extensive reporting options initially feels like an additional control instrument used by middle management. This quickly results in a negative attitude. This makes it all the more important to clearly communicate the individual advantages that the individual departments have in their daily work through CRM. In particular, the time savings and the medium-term reduced administrative effort, which leaves more time for the actual selling, must become tangible for the individual employee.

4. ensure high data quality

The better the quality of the data in your CRM and the more uniformly it is prepared, the greater these advantages will be. By continuously updating and qualifying the data, you not only save time for your employees, but also maximise the success of your sales talks. This is even possible automatically and daily – for example with Implisense Qualify. The service also allows you to add useful information to your data records. Your sales staff will automatically find more data on leads and customers in the CRM system than would be available to them from internal company sources. An example of data obtained using AI is the assignment of different customer types according to Frank M. Scheelen’s 4-color model. Additional sales power for a more target-oriented qualification of leads and more targeted customer approaches.

5. lead by example

The mandatory use of the CRM system must become part of the culture in your company. And that starts at the top of the management level. Work consistently with the CRM yourself and ensure that your employees know this. Only what is recorded there exists; only what is in it can be evaluated. Let reporting, reviews and outlooks be based only on data entered into your CRM system in time. By setting a good example, you simultaneously create push and pull effects for your employees to also use the system with appropriate consistency.

With these actions you will be able to achieve a broad acceptance and conscientious use of your CRM system in sales and customer service faster. The decisive basis for the actual value-added use of your system.

News about Implisense Qualify

update qualifyDo you have extensive newsletter lists or contact lists from your CRM? Then this product update might be interesting to you: Implisense Qualify now automatically checks if a contact’s company still exists. Note: This new feature works for companies registered in Germany only.

From projects for data enrichment and data cleaning of large CRM systems one knows the problem well enough. Many companies no longer exist, but how do you find this out quickly? Use Implisense Qualify to find companies that are officially no longer economically active.  Implisense Qualify now supplements the column with the field economic activity without any additional costs.

Furthermore, we can now also add additional fields to your company’s master data, e. g. telephone number of the head office, official business purpose or the names of the managing directors.

Are you interested or have questions? Then we will be more than happy to help you!

More information can be found on the Implisense Qualify product page.