Hackathon Uckermark 2020

The annual Implisense team event took place in August 2020. After the successful hackathons held on Mallorca (2017), Marrakech (2018) and most recently in the Algarve (2019), this year’s event brought the team straight from the home office throughout Germany to an area that is particularly adventurous for many big-city residents: the Uckermark.

Uckermark Hackathon 2020

It takes about 1.5 hours by train to get from the Implisense office to the Uckermark. In the salvey mill, the 12 Implisense employees set up their camp with laptops, sufficient network technology and a mobile pizza oven.

A hackathon at Implisense is a multi-day event in which employees work on self-defined software ideas and try to present one of the coolest possible demonstrators at the end of the week.

Uckermark Hackathon 2020

Technical developments were implemented in various small groups in the marketing, front-end, back-end and data analysis divisions. Exemplary developments were: Dashboards for the analysis of features and KPI improvements in marketing, block chain-based micropayments, sentiment classification of news, particularly fast clustering approaches in C++ for the calculation of peer groups, load balancers, design systems, map-based company searches as well as functional programming.

At the same time, the work was accompanied by organized insights into nature near the salvey mill. Among other activities, a guided canoe tour went to the nearby nature reserve on the Oder/Neisse river.

Uckermark Hackathon 2020

As always at all Hackathons, the discussion and programming was structured by pre-, intermediate, main and additional meals, crowned by a 5-course final of 5 cooking teams.


The Uckermark was the destination of this year’s Implisense Hackathon. The region can be reached comfortably and cheaply from Berlin in a good 1.5 hours by train. The landscape and low density of distractions provided an ideal environment for exciting developments. Among the most important topics of this year’s Hackathons were clustering, load balancing, micropayments, sentiment classification, blockchains, functional programming and visualization or design.

Uckermark Hackathon

Photo credits: Fotos von A. Grahl and A. Schäfer

TechCrunch Disrupt 2018: New Tech on the Old Continent

TechCrunch Disrupt exhibition in the Arena Berlin. Photo by Dr. Andreas Schäfer

Between 29.11 and 30.11.2018 TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin brought new startups together with investors in the Arena Berlin on the “old continent”. The topics ranged from crypto currencies, artificial intelligence, self-propelled vehicles to social initiatives and innovations to protect the environment and human rights. It was the second TechCrunch Disrupt in the capital and the fifth in Europe.

TechCrunch Disrupt exhibition hall
TechCrunch Disrupt exhibition hall in the Arena Berlin. Photo by Dr. Andreas Schäfer

One of the most important elements was the “Startup Alley”, in which the participants could talk to representatives of over 400 early-stage start-ups from Europe. Selected start-ups were invited to take a stand; the exhibition stands were thematically organized. Implisense participated in the Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence exhibition.



Implisense on the Startup Alley
Dr. André Bergholz from Implisense on the Startup Alley. Photo by Dr. Andreas Schäfer

We welcomed both investors and representatives of globally active companies to our stand. They were particularly interested in our new profiling technology for companies inside and outside Germany. We have developed this technology in the CPP research project and introduced it to the public in product form for the first time.




Chinese-Profile Implisense
Company profile of Implisense in Chinese language

We experienced TechCrunch as a very professionally organized exhibition with exciting international start-ups and investors. Implisense will gladly participate again if it is repeated on the old continent!

If you want to read more about the Disrupt, you can find more information here: Official website of the Disrupt

DIGITAL2018: The Summit of ideas on digitization

From 7th to 8th November 2018, the Cologne Exhibition Grounds were dedicated to the major task of digitisation with a special focus on German SMEs.

An event with the aim of speeding up, networking, explaining and helping to shape the future

The event, which was organized by Deutsche Telekom for the first time in this format and size in Cologne, was intended to motivate, network and accelerate. The fact that such a big topic as digitization leads to a successful event is not self-evident. Digitization is a phenomenon that permeates every corner of the economy and does not stop there. The many facets of digitization could easily lead to visitors being overwhelmed. But that didn’t happen, thanks to a smart trade fair design.

presentation at DIGITAL2018.
presentation at DIGITAL2018.

The two days were structured with constant keynote speeches in various areas in order to attract visitors to the fair on a variety of topics and with a wide range of demands. CEOs such as Tim Höttges, Apple Co-Founder Steve Woszniak or Sigmar Gabriel from a political point of view reported on digitisation on the global stage. Major players such as Huawei and Samsung showed upcoming innovations such as foldable displays in end devices. Many exhibits demonstrated Internet of Things solutions, even there, one would not expect them immediately, e.g. for monitoring the health of beehives. The TU Munich showed prototypes of a special Hyperloop Train, Fraunhofer demonstrated a simple robot programming as an advanced training program.

Start-Up-Square: A space for digital “future creators” at DIGITAL2018

About 20 startups from the Telekom TechBoost program presented their mostly data-driven innovations, for example in the area of mobility data, biological data or company data. Implisense exhibited in this area with its own stand at DIGITAL18 to present our latest product “Implisense Reports” for the first time.

product presentation "Implisense Reports"
product presentation “Implisense Reports”

The Implisense Reports have been developed to enable small or large companies with a CRM system to receive up-to-date news and analytical insights on the business model for all existing customers. Since the reports can also be displayed as web pages within a CRM, time-consuming integrations or data reconciliation are not necessary.

After two days at the trade fair, we will take a deep breath in Berlin, reflect on the positive feedback and look forward to seeing the successful DIGITAL2018 format again next year.


Further information about the DIGITAL2018.

We will be happy to answer your questions about the new “Implisense Reports” by e-mail.

Pictures by Dr. Andreas Schäfer

Lecture: Sales optimization with AI

At the “log in. berlin.” Partner event “Artificial Intelligence – Perspectives and Potentials” on 6 September 2018, the Implisense CPO Dr. André Bergholz spoke to AI in Sales. The contributions of the event once again proved the diversity of the topic Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is and remains the keyword of our time, which is more future-oriented than almost any other.

Dr. André Bergholz explained in his lecture which possibilities AI and Deep Learning offer to optimize marketing and sales. For answering questions Image Artificial Intelligenceof the office staff, customer advisors, marketing and analytics, monitored classification, clustering and profiling as well as Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be used. The use of AI in these departments helps to find new customers, prioritize incoming leads, increase cross-selling and up-selling, plan targeted campaigns, identify trends and more.

Outline of the presentation “Sales optimization with AI” and slides (in German language)

  1. Questions for Marketing and Sales
  2. Status Quo and Solution Approaches
  3. Questions and techniques of the AI
  4. The Vision
  5. About Implisense

Marrakech Hackathon

In April 2018 another Implisense Hackathon took place. After the successful Hackathon 2017 in Mallorca, this year we went to the African continent, more precisely: to the city of Marrakech.

View from the roof terrace to the snow-covered peaks of the Atlas Mountains
View from the roof terrace of the Implisense-Riad to the snow-covered peaks of the Atlas Mountains

Marrakech is described as the “Pearl of the South” due to its many palaces; by the city guide rather as a city of film stars and pickpockets. We think “hackers” is missing in the city description!

It took us about five hours travelling with Ryanair from Berlin to Marrakech. In a traditional Moroccan house in the old town, around 10 dev oriented Implisense employees set up camp with laptops, network technology and many ideas in their luggage. As a welcome we enjoyed Moroccan whiskey – the typical peppermint tea of Morocco.

A Hackathon at Implisense is an event lasting several days in which the participants work creatively on self-defined ideas and try to achieve an executable result by programming. An important side effect is the joint transfer of knowledge.

Photographs during the hackathon in the riad
Photographs during the hackathon in the riad

Technical developments in the Marketing, Frontend, Backend and Data Analysis divisions were implemented in six small groups. Exemplary developments are: Real-time dashboards for marketing performance indicators, clustering approaches for large customer bases, automation of provisioning, scaling and management of container applications, distributed communication architectures using Apache Flink, Kubernetes/Kontena/Apache Pulsar as an example, and visualization libraries for time-based and hierarchically organized databases.

After getting used to the continental and in April quite cool climate of Marrakech, the regular calls of the Muezzins, views of snow-covered mountain peaks of the Atlas mountains and the oriental flair of the old town, we went to clear our heads in the desert. In the Scarabeo-Camp, about 45 minutes away from Marrakech, we enjoyed the wide landscape of the stone desert.

Excursion to the Agafay Desert near Marrakech
Excursion to the Agafay Desert near Marrakech

The discussion and programming in Marrakech was structured in a pleasant way with premeals, snacks, main meals and additional meals. Evening highlights were presentations of the results achieved. Sometimes surprising, sometimes funny, sometimes abstract and sometimes impossible to grasp.

Another highlight was the topic of clustering large customer lists. In three groups, each with different algorithmic approaches but identical data sets, an attempt was made to generate clustering that divides several thousand sample customers into as homogeneous subgroups as possible. Bonus points were awarded for a comprehensible visualization of the calculated clusters. On a wow-scale, the most complex method scored points, which was able to divide word vector models into meaningful homogeneous clusters. This is a useful approach for smarter segmentation in the marketing of existing customers, for example.

Evening view from the roof to the Koutoubia Mosque
Evening view from the roof to the Koutoubia Mosque


Marrakech was the location of this year’s Hackathon of Implisense. The city can be reached from Berlin within five hours in just acceptable time. The oriental flair and the comfortable accommodation offered an ideal environment for exciting developments. Among the most important topics of this year’s Hackathon were questions of containerization, distributed data flows as well as clustering and the visualization of large data.

Questions about the format or the results? E-Mail us at hello@implisense.com. Join the team an attend future hackathons? Find vacancies here. 

Picture credits: Photos by A. Schäfer 2018