We recently released the new Implisense API version 1.60. Starting with this version, we would like to make our further analysis available via individual endpoints (/topics, /links) instead of the previous bundled analysis via the /profile endpoint. Additionally, the separate /people endpoint has been added. On the content page, we now deliver so-called web snippets, which represent parts of the web pages that identify our heuristics as relevant. Since our database now also contains historical companies, we have added the possibility to filter only for currently active companies. Here you can download the current version of the documentation.

More information about the  Implisense API you will find here.


  • The /profile-endpoint has been marked as deprecated and is no longer part of the documentation.
  • Instead, its output is now provided via two new endpoints: /topics and /links. Links have also three additional attributes: “type”, “direction”, and “weight”. (Previously provided “inLinks” and “outLinks” now have “type” “WEB” and “direction” “IN” and “OUT”, respectively.)
  • In addition, a third new endpoint /people was added, which provides a list of people associated with a company. The output is the same as for the “people”-attibute of the /dataplus-endpoint. The latter will eventually be deprecated.
  • The attribute “snippets” has been added to the output of both the /data- and /dataplus-endpoints. Snippets are extracts from the websites of companies that our heuristics deem as relevant.
  • The attribute “active” has been added to the LookupRequest type. With it, you can specify to obtain only companies that are still active, i.e., officially still in business. The default value is “false”.
  • In addition, this documentation has now been enriched with examples (now added to the Swagger standard) to provide better understanding.