We recently released the new Implisense API version 1.70. This version focuses on the changes we have made with the reclassification for company sizes in the Implisense database. We have now deactivated the sales class and employee class filter, as they are subsumed by the size filter. In addition, we have removed the separation of /data and /dataplus endpoints, /data now provides the complete set of master data. Of course, the old endpoints and filters still work syntactically for a transition period. Here you can download the latest version of the documentation.

Please take a look at the interactive documentation here online.

Learn more about the Implisense API here.


  • We have now finally merged the /data- and /dataplus-endpoints. They both give the same result now (the /dataplus result), we remove /dataplus from this documentation. The /dataplus-endpoint is now deprecated but still working. It will be removed in the future.
  • We now removed the people from the /data- and /dataplus-endpoint. People have been available under the separate /people-endpoint since version 1.60.
  • The “revenuesFilter” and “employeesFilter” for the /search- and /recommend-endpoints have been deprecated and do not function any longer. They are subsumed by the “sizesFilter” introduced in the previous version.
  • We now document minimum and maximum value for the “from” and “size” parameters for the /search- and /recommend-endpoints.