We released the new Implisense API version 1.75 last week. We are now fulfilling the requests we had for a long time to include our scores for search and recommendation. Please note that these scores are especially useful to clarify the distances in the ranking. However, they do not represent any probabilities in the mathematical sense.

Implisense API version 1.75

In other respects, this release focuses on small but useful improvements. Events can now be filtered by several types and categories at the same time. Topics can now also be displayed only above a certain threshold. In addition, we now also provide links to public company profiles in our free Companies And Markets network. A complete overview of all changes in this version can be found below.

Here you can download the current version of the documentation.

You can view the interactive documentation of the Implisense API version 1.75 online here.

For more information about the Implisense API click here.


  • The endpoints /search and /recommend now come with a score for each company result. The score will enable you to better judge the difference in quality between the individual results.
  • The “type”- and “category”-filter of the /events-endpoint now both allow filtering for multiple criteria. You can simply comma-separate them.
  • The /data-endpoint now additionally comes with a link to the public company web profile provided by Implisense.
  • We added a query parameter “threshold” to the /topics-endpoint that allows ignoring topics below the threshold for the result.
  • After removing the filters for revenues and employees we now removed the correspoding facets in the results for /search and /recommend to ensure consistency between filters and facets. Attention! This change may not be backward-compatible, please review your integration!
  • We added Instagram to the list of possibile social media items.