We have significantly expanded the search options in the Companies and Markets company directory. From now on, you can combine the full text search with filters by location (two- and five-digit postal codes, cities, federal states, regions), industry (according to the official NACE or WZ 2008 standard) and company size. This allows you to search more specifically for new, interesting companies. This means that distributors, business partners and potential employers are just a few clicks away.

The suggester supports your search

In order to support you with your research, we have integrated a new suggestion function that suggests possible filters and companies when you enter your data. If you click on a filter, it will be added to the current search. However, if you click on a company, the profile of this company is called up directly.

With this new features in mind, we have compiled the most popular searches for you from tens of thousands of search queries in the Companies and Markets directory.

We link the search results directly here. Nevertheless, it’s worth typing your own terms into the search in the Companies and Markets directory – then you can see the power of the search support and use it for your own research. We look forward to your feedback!

The 10 most popular searches for companies

  • #10: Information about an existing company

Search for “Implisense”

  • #9: German market leaders

Search for “world market leader” “large enterprises” “robots”

  • #8: Specialized companies from particular locations

Search for “Blockchain” in “Berlin”

  • #7: Large companies from certain locations

Search for “Bonn” and “large enterprises”

  • #6: People search

Search for “Höttges, Timotheus”

  • #5: Search for suppliers

Search for “Wholesales of metal”

  • #4: Companies from certain industries

Search for “Retail sale of motor vehicles”

  • #3: Companies in certain regions

Search for “Nordrhein-Westfalen”

  • #2: Companies at certain addresses

Search for “Friedrich-Ebert-Allee”

  • And #1: Companies at certain places

Search for “53113” or “Bonn” 

Thus, even after our analyses, regional searches are more numerous than searches for specific topics. 

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You are searching by yourself and do not know the best way to enter your search? We will be happy to help you at hello@implisense.com . Suggestions and requests will also reach us most quickly via this e-mail address.

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