Faster company search in your browser

You receive an e-mail from an unknown sender and want to know who is behind it? Or you get a call from a company you don’t know yet?

With the new search function for Chrome and Firefox, you can get background information on e-mail addresses and company names with immediate effect.

Your search will be carried out on the Companies and Markets search platform operated by Implisense. Here you will find important company information of German companies such as company address, check for economic activity / insolvency as well as their products and services and technologies. This information is intended to help you process enquiries and research tasks.

Step-by-step guide how to integrate the lookup in your browser

This is how you set up your lookup in Chrome:

  1. Open the settings window for Chrome.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the point “Search engine”; click on “Manage search engines”.
  3. Click on the “Add” button (for “Other search engines”).
  4. A window with three input fields will open. Make the following entries (without quotation marks):
    1. Enter a name in the field “Search engine”, e.g. Implisense
    2. Type an abbreviation under “Search abbreviation”, under which you want to activate the lookup in the address bar, e.g. i
    3. Under “URL with %s instead of search query” enter the URL of the lookup:
  5. Click on “Save” and close the settings.

Try it right now!

Browserintegration Beispielsuche

Enter the address bar and type in your query by entering the previously defined search abbreviation (e.g. i) and the search term (company name or e-mail address), e.g. i Implisense Press ” Return ” to start the search and display the desired company profile on the Companies and Markets platform.

In Firefox you can also set the search. The instructions for integrating the lookup into Firefox can be found here.

Browserintegration Logo Lookup

We offer this service (formerly Implisense E-Mail-Qualifier) permanently free of charge and without registration or obligations.

We are looking forward to your recommendations and of course to to your feedback.