How marketing and sales get closer together – with data

Both the marketing and sales departments work with leads, yet in many companies one rarely knows exactly what the other is doing. Both could benefit significantly from an intensive exchange between these departments. After all, the end result is the same: maximum conversion of the leads to paying customers. Data can help to bridge the informative gap between marketing and sales.

Strengthen collaboration between marketing and sales

Quantity versus quality: a conflict

One of the main reasons for the often insufficiently intensive cooperation between marketing and sales is an unspoken conflict resulting from the working methods of the two departments. It is about dealing with leads in different ways: While it is in the interest of the marketing team to collect as many leads as possible, the sales staff would like to be provided with as much information as possible about a lead in order to be able to prioritize sufficiently and address it precisely. In order to keep the hurdle for a potential lead to leave its contact data as low as possible, the marketing department wants to query only the most necessary information in the first step, while the sales colleagues would prefer a more comprehensive form.

Enrichment of data from third-party sources as solution

While these two motivations were indeed in contradiction to each other until some time ago, fortunately they can be reconciled today – by enriching the data of your leads from a third source! According to your marketing team, the prospective customer only has to enter the most necessary data in order to register – yet your sales representatives receive a comprehensive data package with more in-depth information than they could ever have obtained from a lead. There are hundreds of data points for each company through Implisense. An enormous information power that makes the work of the sales team much easier.

Additional advantages: Prioritize earlier and share insights

Evaluate marketing and sales campaigns

In addition to reconciling the previously conflicting interests of marketing and sales, there are additional advantages to enriching your lead data with information from Implisense. For example, your sales team can prioritize effectively very early in the process and spend less time on unproductive leads due to the immediately available broad data base. In addition, targeted analysis of the information can provide valuable insights that, in turn, empower marketing to implement more effective campaigns. What industry, number of employees or technological focus will convince companies with the best conversion, and which ones will be left in the lurch for the most part? When the sales department passes these findings back to the marketing department, target groups and speeches can be made many times more precise and thus more successful.

Other good reasons why you should use an external database can be found in this blog article on integrating external customer data.

So the bottom line is a win-win situation. The closer connection of marketing and sales by means of lead enrichment with third-party data pays off for both sides. Sales gains valuable information about the individual leads and marketing can generate more targeted leads on the basis of this information. In this way, a target-oriented alliance of these two departments is achieved. And thus more market success in total. 

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