HTPC review

Leading DAX companies, international tech players and market leaders in the German mid-market met innovative young companies from the HTGF portfolio at this year’s High Tech Partnering Conference (HTPC).

A great programme around the topic of digital business transformation and an excellent location on the picturesque banks of the Rhine provided all the other necessary conditions for exciting discussions with potential partners and customers.

Participants of the HTPC could have a look in time lapse at our stand to see which sales signals for their specific company are captured in a structured way by our system, which new connections to other companies arise and by which characteristics these new connections stand out over time.

Together with our conversation partners we were able to discuss our experience at the HTPC,

  • which is the meaning of digitalization in marketing and sales in B2B.
  • how relevant companies can design digitalization in sales and marketing instead of being shaped by this process themselves.
  • the challenges we have faced in introducing a data-driven sales culture and how we have mastered them.

A personal highlight – in addition to this rewarding exchange with potential customers and partners – was the opportunity to look beyond the horizon of numerous expert rounds on individual aspects of digitization. Thanks to innovative Fellow Startups such as mobileJobs, MoBerries and Loopline, Implisense was able to learn even here. For example, in the design of modern recruitment processes. Or the strategic importance of personnel development, especially for dynamically growing companies.

We would like to thank our conversation partners and the High Tech Gründerfonds for the HTPC’ 18 and look forward to next year!