Integration of Implisense in over 800 systems

integration Zapier

Finally the time has come. Data from Implisense can now be used in over 800 systems via the cloud based integration service Zapier. Best of all, the integration takes just a few minutes and offers a cost-effective start to the automation of your B2B marketing and sales.

The Implisense Zapier App offers you

  • Identify companies via e-mail or URL (e.g. new interested party contacts you with and you will receive the company data directly)
  • Receive company data in structured form, including economic status, official company address, industry sector, number of employees, management personnel and recent events, in order to segment new prospective customers appropriately and to be able to address them without tedious research)
  • Integration of data in over 800 systems, including Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Pipedrive CRM, etc.


  • Completely free in the test phase (monthly limitation to 50 data records)


  • Zapier Account
  • Implisense API Token

>> Please contact us by mail to to register as a test user.