Faster achievement of sales targets: With current market research information and international news

In the Implisense Pro, we have made further improvements in addition to the already introduced new features such as person search, industry classification and the display of current jobs as well as news. With the new features, Implisense Pro simplifies your marketing and sales tasks.

New Feature: Market Survey Monitoring

Leading market research companies such as Forrester, Gartner and IDC publish new market and business assessments on a daily basis. Especially in solution-oriented sales, these sources of information can provide important background information that can help support customers. The most recent studies are often not known, as the daily research would require it.

The Implisense content team has connected the largest international market research providers to the Implisense system. Now, the latest market studies are queried daily and automatically assigned to the companies mentioned in them. In this way, you always have an overview of the market studies that can help you win and retain important customers.

The new feature Market Survey Monitoring allows you to identify current market trends at a glance and quickly obtain background information.

New Feature: International News

Especially in the support of internationally active customers it is often difficult to get to know their worldwide activities. In large companies, knowledge of activities abroad can have interesting implications for headquarters in Germany.

From now on, English-language news e. g. from CNN, Reuters, NASDAQ and Dow Jones News will be analyzed and linked to the names of companies. Thus you will be able to score points in the next customer meeting with findings that might even have been unknown to your customer on site.

Helpful questions:

  • Are there any recent international news about your key accounts?
  • Which of these have an influence on local projects?
  • In which situation do these news items help you and why?

Try it out: You can find the linked market studies and international news with linked articles in the Implisense Pro company profiles in the “Letzte Ereignisse” section.

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