Marketing Automation – an introduction

Sit back and relax as a result of automated marketing? Unfortunately, it’s not quite as beautiful as that – but still offers a number of practical advantages. Marketing automation is not the replacement of marketing processes or even employees by software, but a valuable way to increase efficiency and success in marketing. Because the automation of certain standard processes gives you more time for conceptual and strategic considerations. And for direct contact with your customers and prospects. By taking less care of the practical delivery of messages to your target groups, you gain free resources that you can use to develop these precisely tailored messages. As a result, you achieve more conversion and closer customer relationships.

Marketing Automation supports you in various stages of the buying cycle:

Marketing Automation is not just sitting back

Lead Generation with Marketing Automation

While it is one of the simpler examples, it is still an indispensable form of marketing automation: websites and landing pages lead your prospects to a contact form. The prospective customer enters his data there and these are automatically imported into your CRM. This simple form of marketing automation is already a clear relief compared to a call where you would have to record this data manually or an e-mail from which you would still have to transfer it into the system. And most of us have long since integrated it into our daily workflow. Automation should become just as common for you in the following stages of the buying cycle.

Lead Organization with Marketing Automation

The qualification, segmentation, prioritization and updating of your leads is one of the critical points in your marketing that can be improved significantly through automation. The system automatically assigns leads to a specific list – by audience, trigger, purchase status, and any other segmentation criteria you have identified as important to your workflow. Of course, this requires an extensive set of data. These are automatically obtained from a third-party source – for example using the Implisense API – and the records for your contacts are enriched with comprehensive additional information. As a result, fine and qualified segmentation can be performed automatically. And it’s ongoing: New data, progress in the buying cycle, etc., influence the scoring of your leads and, if necessary, change to another list. This is a crucial component for the targeted delivery of personalized messages to your leads at any time.

Targeted contacting of leads with Marketing Automation

This fine segmentation of your leads is in turn the key to successful email marketing. After all, widely spread mails with corresponding general messages lead to a much lower degree of exhaustion than highly personalized mails that address your prospective customers with targeted messages. Exactly tailored to his current status in the buying cycle and the resulting needs. By knowing these, you will be able to answer the right questions at the right time – and thus significantly increase the probability of a successful deal. If your system registers that a lead is entering the next phase, it will automatically be addressed with the specially developed message.

Customer loyalty with Marketing Automation

In the same way that you accompany your leads through the purchase process, you also sustainably bind your existing customers to your company. And they have promising cross-selling and up-selling potential. Because the automated monitoring of your contacts does not end with the purchase. Let yourself be informed automatically about current trigger events and use your knowledge for an equally targeted and personalized approach. Whether it is the opening of a new location, a change in management or another event that increases your chances to expand your business relationship.

Introduction of Marketing Automation as a chance for process optimization

Successful marketing automation is therefore not the simple one-to-one automation of your existing processes. Instead, take the opportunity to critically review your marketing processes and adapt them to the requirements of modern, automated marketing. In this way, you not only benefit from the immediate efficiency advantages of your automation solution, but also from a leaner, resource-oriented process. And last but not least, more revenue thanks to increased conversion.

Data is essential for every Marketing Automation. Enrich your customer data directly in your CRM system – with the Implisense API. Further information can be found here.