New in Implisense Pro: Persons, corporate purposes, improved visual appearance

We are proud to present some news in our Software-as-a-Service solution Implisense Pro:

Integration of current persons in more than one million companies

Implisense Pro is Germany’s first customer search engine with built-in recommendation function for the next B2B customers. From now on, recommendations will also be made for people in the target companies.¬†Discover more than a million people who are allowed to trade on behalf of companies and, if applicable, appear publicly on the company website with a management function. By linking to the LinkedIn and Xing search, you can easily check who is involved in new orders or requests.

Useful questions are: Which persons should you know by name and, if necessary, name in the conversation, since they may decide on the budget? Who is expected to sign the bills? Who is responsible for your topic at the target company?

Corporate purposes

Our customers greatly appreciate the opportunity to segment companies based on established industry codes. However, many of them find that they sometimes deviate from the company’s own activities. In the past, credit agencies used to classify industries in a mostly manual process. This is expensive and prone to errors. We have therefore spent several months researching a new solution to automatically classify companies at any time based on their self-formulated business activities in the official corporate purpose as well as on the analysis of the company’s websites. And this again at any time as soon as the data changes. In this technical blog post we have provided further explanations for interested persons.

Your advantage: Up-to-date revisions of the industry codes of all companies, a compact understanding of the company’s activities for the customer dialogue

Improved visual appearance

In the coming weeks and months, we would also like to offer you improvements in appearance and user guidance. The first step in this direction has now been taken. The most noticeable aspect is that there is only one “home”page, which you can reach from everywhere by clicking on the Implisense logo in the upper left corner. The functionality of the home and list pages that existed before was too similar in our opinion, so we combined them for you. The search function is now available above the recommendation. We have also made the colour scheme more friendly.

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