New office in Berlin

After completion of the renovation work in September we have a new office in Berlin. And what can you say, we’re comfortable there. And after all our business partners say, they do. Here are some impressions:

Sanierte Fabriketage, wie es sich gehört
Renovated factory floors as they should be
Das Büro im Morgenlicht im 3. OG
The office in the morning light on the 3rd floor
Besprechungsbereich (während des Matches)
Meeting area. In concentric running process; -)
Eingangsbereich mit Gruppentisch
Entrance area with group table
Kein Büro ohne Kaffeeküche
Coffee kitchen and art to think about

Where’s the kicker? And the Mate bar? The roof terrace? Well, we’re working on it.
Because now we have the space for it. So: Welcome!