New version of the software Sales Intelligence

Implisense Sales Intelligence has been further optimized for you. Here are some highlights:

  • More than 100,000 new company profiles
  • New segmentation criteria
  • Further optimized similarity search
  • New industry and regional filters
  • Improved usability

The optimizations were imported into the live system after the tests. They are thus automatically available to all users. If you have any questions, please contact

A description of the changes

Company profiles

More than 100,000 company profiles are now available for search and analysis. These companies were taken on board by means of a targeted search for companies in the German high-tech segment and in the medium-sized manufacturing sector. The further expansion of the company’s portfolio is already underway and is geared to the latest requirements of our customers. For you, this means that Implisense’s technology keeps all data on around 368,000 companies in Germany up-to-date and ready for retrieval.

Criteria for segmentation

The properties for profiling and segmentation of companies are continuously being expanded. The following properties are hidden behind word clouds of synonymous and related terms. Using these word clouds, the system can calculate on the basis of a continuous analysis how distinct a characteristic is to a company. Here are the latest additions, which serve to segment companies across industries, among others:

  • apps
  • automation
  • CAD
  • coaching
  • energy efficiency
  • building automation
  • implementation
  • assimilation
  • climate protection
  • project management
  • robotics
  • technology companies
  • accessories

Search for similarity

In order to increase the accuracy of the similarity search, a dynamically configured threshold value was introduced for the calculation of significant terms. This should result in fewer irrelevant terms appearing in the view. A corresponding threshold value was also introduced for the similarity search. This significantly reduces the total number of search results, as companies with very little similarity are no longer needed. This will give you more accurate results.


New Home Screen

A new home screen with a new welcome text and short introduction was introduced. The summary of the total stock can now be found below. This also displays the most recent changes in the dataset.

Home button

The lists of companies are an important element in the operation of Sales Intelligence. Therefore, we have simplified the call of the overview of lists. Now you can use the Home button to go directly to all lists to analyze, modify, find or export similar companies.

Filter menus

The filter for lists has been moved to the right. You can use this filter to compare search results with your lists.

Furthermore, the filter menus (facets) are displayed uniformly. Postcode regions and industries are now displayed in a table format, with the values appearing alphabetically sorted on the left and the number of the respective facets displayed in a separate column on the right. This allows you to see directly how many filter results you can expect.

Further changes

  • Since the tabs at the end of the list view were rarely used, we removed them. In this way, the complexity of the interface is further reduced.
  • The “heartbeat lines” that symbolized the timeline for the event stream were removed for both lists and companies. This step was carried out because the heartbeat curves are similar over many larger lists and did not provide enough information for the user.
  • In the list view, which is called up by the home button, the number of companies in a list can no longer be clicked. This distracted us from the fact that the entire list is clickable.
  • In the detailed view of the company you can now see in the “Events” tab how many events are present in the company. If there are no events, the tab cannot be selected.
  • In the Company Details view, the “Profile” tab has been split into new tabs “Web Profile” and “Properties”. Thus, the “Master Data” tab is really reduced to the master data of the company and the link analysis is clearly more visible in the “Webprofile” tab. The “Properties” tab is reserved for diagrams and properties.
  • Show differences “has been removed in the display of events because this function was rarely used.
    Events that start with DELETED have been deleted and are no longer captured, as this function did not contain any information for most users.
  • There is a new event class called “Registered Capital” to filter companies with changes in the area of registered capital. This is helpful, for example, to identify new financing rounds in start-ups more quickly than before.

Do you have any questions or comments about the new version? We are happy to read about this: or call +49 30 740 729 69.