New features in Implisense Pro: News, press releases and tweets at a glance

We have learned from our cooperation with numerous B2B sales managers: It is not only important who you approach, but also when! Therefore, Implisense has started to identify and analyse different signals in the development of companies. As well as our customer recommendations, it will also be possible in the future to define alerts. They will inform you when a company is ready for your product. Benefit from this already now! Implisense has integrated numerous corporate events such as news, press releases and tweets into Implisense Pro!

Twitter has developed into an independent medium in recent years. Companies report on new developments, CEOs make direct statements from the press conference or report on trade fair visits or product developments. There are reasons enough to include this source in your company monitoring. That’s why Implisense investigated the companies’ official Twitter accounts and queries them for users. Of course, without communication with end-user support and, if possible, automatically classified by tweets to management, finance or jobs.

Your advantage: You can stay up to date with the latest information about your companies without having to use Twitter.

Implisense has also worked with leading international news monitoring providers to develop an intelligent matching process. It automatically compares companies with current business news, blog articles and press releases. We analyze and link several thousand new contributions to company entries every day. Our customers get the hits conveniently displayed to their companies. Depending on the source, the complete content may require a chargeable order from the publisher.

Your advantage: You can find out what kind of news or press releases are written about your companies without having to do any research yourself.

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