Product updates in January 2021

We at Team Implisense wish all our users and customers a happy and hopefully healthy 2021! We will be spending the next few months in our home office, as we have for many of the past ones, but that won’t stop us from offering numerous new additions to our product portfolio. We would like to introduce some of these product updates in this blog post. And also for 2021 you can look forward to many interesting news from our company!

The portal

If you have visited our homepage in the past few weeks, you will have noticed the changes immediately. Last year, we decided to bring back our Companies and Markets company search engine directly from our homepage. Now we have gone a step further and completely redesigned it and also rebranded it. Countless hours have gone into design and implementation, and we are very proud of the result and hope that it will also be well received by you. We also paid special attention to usability for mobile devices, as a large number of our users are now not only on the desktop. In addition, there are fresher colors and a clearer design of the company profiles.

But the changes are not just cosmetic: the content of the profiles has also been expanded to include a timeline with trade register announcements and the latest news. Registered users also have the option of now creating their own notes. These are only visible to yourself and can be used, for example, to log conversations or record your own thoughts on the company in question. A first small CRM functionality for users who otherwise rely on email and Excel. Register for free and try it out right now!

Die neue Homepage

It won’t stop there. For 2021, we promise that many more features will be added to the portal. More exciting content about companies will also be integrated. For this purpose, we are continuously working on further improving the usability.

The API offering on RapidAPI

Our API offering on the RapidAPI marketplace has also been improved and consolidated. The “German Company Data API” now includes search functionality, which was previously only available in the “German Company Search API”. The latter has therefore been discontinued. It is now easier for you as a user, as only one API needs to be integrated into your system. The search functionality has also become more cost-effective for you due to this integration. In addition, the “German Company Data API” now also provides another endpoint that delivers the management of a company. The offering on the RapidAPI marketplace provides you with the easiest and fastest way to automatically enrich your CRM or MAS system with up-to-date company data. Try it right now!

Das Gmail-Add-On

Last, but not least! With our free add-on for Gmail, users of this email service can qualify incoming emails directly, in which through us appropriate company information is displayed directly to incoming emails. We have also redesigned this product and adapted it accordingly. Install it now!

We hope you enjoy these news and we are looking forward to get in touch with you personally again! Stay healthy and here’s to a successful 2021!