Qualify e-mail addresses simply and permanently free of charge

With our new free e-mail qualifier, you’ll get a first overview of who you’re potentially dealing with! With this new product you can qualify your incoming email addresses. By automatically redirecting to the Companies and Markets network profile pages created by Implisense, you will be able to view basic information about German companies contacting you. There you can see the company’s master data, simple analyses, as well as information on economic activity and recent events at the company.

Simple, unregistered use free of charge

For the use of this service you do not need any requirements except a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge). Registration with Implisense is not necessary.

Simply enter the following URL into the URL field of your web browser:


Replace <E-Mail-Adresse> with the e-mail address of a German company you want to qualify.

Just give it a try with our e-mail address:


Implisense e-mail qualifier


Integration of the e-mail qualifier into your website

You can also integrate the service directly into your website. How this works and what else you need to know is explained on our product page e-mail qualifier.

We offer this service permanently free of charge and without registration or obligations. If you consider this service useful, please tell your business partners about it! Of course, we would also be pleased to receive your feedback.