Qualify email contacts in Gmail for free

Do you use Gmail for business contacts? Then we have some news for you: You can now qualify German business emails automatically. With the free “Implisense for Gmail” add-on.

Recent Events with the Implisense for GMail Add-on The Implisense for Gmail add-on is targeted at an B2B audience. It uses the Implisense API to resolve email addresses from commercial senders to identify the company behind the sender (solely based on the domain, not on any personal data). The add-on displays basic information about the company, such as the address, the website, and recent events. It furthermore links to the full company profile on the public companies-and-markets.com portal.

Resolve email addresses with the Implisense for GMail add-on Using this add-on, you will immediately see who you are dealing with. So you can prioritize your requests much better. The link to our Companies and Markets platform also gives you a detailed company profile of your enquiries, which helps you to personalise your response more effectively.

This tool will help you to make your sales and marketing process more efficient and effective.

Free download and installation of the “Implisense for Gmail” add-on.