Relaunch of the free research platform Companies and Markets

If you have visited our research platform Companies and Markets in recent weeks, you will certainly have noticed numerous innovations.

We have refreshed the design and thus made the site much clearer for the users. The search results of a selection can now be identified more clearly this way. In addition, a histogram now illustrates the distribution of the company size in the search result in relation to the total data stock.

The company profiles are also much clearer. The master data in the right area has been divided thematically and can now also be seen directly above in the mobile view. After the relaunch, the date of foundation and links to the most important social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, etc.) are also displayed.

For a better search experience, speed and compatibility with all browsers have been significantly improved.

An overview of the changes

  • Greater clarity thanks to card design
  • Additional data points added: age/founding of a company, links to social media sites
  • Search results are now clickable everywhere
  • Breadcrumbs replaced by “Home” and “Back” buttons
  • Icons have been completely reworked
  • A QR code has been added to company profiles to make it easier to share links with others
  • Semantic data according to have been revised
  • Internet Explorer search has been improved
  • Faster loading of pages, especially for mobile use

About Companies and Markets

Companies and Markets offers you an intelligent and up-to-date company and market research. Selections identify companies that deal with innovative technologies, current trends or any other search terms on their websites. This is made possible by applying modern text mining techniques to the content of corporate websites. The individual company profiles provide a more detailed overview of the respective companies.

Sample Use Cases

Have a look (once again). The Companies and Markets research platform makes your marketing and sales tasks much easier.