review CeBIT 2014

As a young company, we were represented at CeBIT for the first time. In fact, even with two booths and our brand new software. A short commented review in pictures.


In Hall 9, well known to us from the past, we were able to exhibit at the joint stand of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy BMWi, Young Companies section.


While the BMWi team deserves express praise for the stand attendance, the supporting programme and, last but not least, the excellent catering, the qualified visits in Hall 9 were well below our expectations. Overall, the impression was that Hall 9 was mainly visited by students and private individuals. It was also difficult to find the individual companies on the BMWi stand. The signs were printed very small and from some queries of the visitors one could see that as a person one was assigned to the BMWi rather than being perceived as an independent startup.

Another, better picture was found for us in Hall 16 (CODE_n). In this hall we were represented in addition to 50 international startups on the topic of “Driving the Data Revolution”.


The interior design of the CODE_n hall alone was an eye-catcher. It was designed by Reed Kram und Clemens Weisshaar (Link to the project).


The terapixel images with a total length of 260 meters represented different data visualizations. It takes a while before one can interpret the gigantic data visualizations, and only then do accumulations and outliers in the data stocks stand out, which could not be explained without background knowledge and further analyses.

We had a booth at the BITKOM joint stand in the CODE_n hall. Here you can see the booth team around Hannes Korte, André Bergholz, Carina Göbel-Weidenbach and Andreas Schäfer (not in the picture).


At the joint stand of the BITKOM Get Started Initiative we felt particularly well looked after.


Here, the immediate peer group of the four other selected startups, Aircloak (, IS Predict (, Semfox ( and Tame (tame. it) was right.


On top of that there was a mini ping-pong table – for our visitors as well as the booth teams. Quite often, this has attracted visitors even though the stand was not serviced. Good products sell themselves: -).


In the CODE_n hall there were various presentations, company pitches and a Pioneer’s Dinner for the exhibitors of CODE_n. We were allowed to take part in this dinner and enjoy Swabian specialities. GFT AG is the organiser of CODE_n in Stuttgart.


At the invitation of the Knowledge Factory, we were invited to a panel discussion on “Big Data – a new market is emerging, but who will occupy it? will take part. Participants were Dr. Ingo Potthoff (entrepreneurship), Dr. Klaus Diederich (Bosch advanced development) and Dr. Stefan Ferber (Bosch Software Innovations). The bottom line here was that start-ups can provide interesting use cases in the field of big data and, in cooperation with established companies, can also more easily commercialize from industry. This was made very clear by examples from Bosch, which are building up cooperation with interesting startups worldwide.


The visitors in the CODE_n hall were interested in the topic of Big Data and could already “scan”during the tour to see if a visit to the stand was worthwhile. Quite often we experienced the reaction to finally offer something for the B2B sector. Obviously a reaction to the many other startups in the end consumer area. CeBIT_2014_Implisense_Stand

Conclusion of the 5 days of the fair incl. opening ceremony:

For Implisense the fair was worthwhile. It provided a good deadline to complete and promote the product with its new link analysis feature. 2nd The fair allowed an efficient meeting of many existing customers. 3. new interested parties and multipliers of our solution were also found. Thanks to the generous support of the BMWi, BITKOM and GFT, it was then also possible for a young company like Implisense to take full advantage of the leading trade fair.