Search suggestions in real time

With real-time search suggestions, we want to provide you with suggestions as you type to help you find the right companies faster. With each letter you add, suggestions are improved and possible search queries are suggested.

Suggester overview

With the new function you will receive immediate suggestions for search entries. The structure of the search suggestions is shown in the following figure.

The largest category is made up of concrete companies that match your search in terms of their company name. They are displayed centrally at the top. At the bottom left you will see suggestions for industries. Note that based on “parf”, the system is already able to infer perfume and predict the industry Manufacture of essential oils. You can see important zip code areas of companies for this search query at the bottom right.

History function

And one more thing: As a convenience feature, the system remembers the last company profiles you visited. Then you can more easily jump back to a company you have already visited if you wanted to look up something else. The prerequisite for this is that a local cookie can be set.

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