Staff changes – a great opportunity for your sales department

If the responsible person changes in an important position of one of your leads, this is one of the most valuable trigger events you can get involved with. Because this results in several job changes. And: The probability of a successful deal is particularly high in the first weeks and months of a manager’s new job. Because then they want to prove themselves, initiate changes and solve problems. You can help with that.

You have four great opportunities when one of your contacts changes job:

  1. Your current contact

Contact the person with whom you have been dealing at a customer or prospect – and who has now changed the job. If your contact was promoted within the same company, it probably now has more influence, competencies and possibly also more budget. If he has left the company and is now working for another company, this is your chance to score. Continue the good relationship and show the persons how you can help them in their new position.

  1. The replacement for your contact

If the position your contact has held so far has not been cancelled, someone else will fill it. There you should introduce yourself immediately in order to establish a good relationship with your new contact person right from the start. If the company is not yet a customer, but only an interested party, this is your chance to finally reach a deal.

  1. The person whose job your previous contact is doing now

In most cases, the job your contact has been in for the last time will have been filled beforehand. Find out who this person is and what he or she is doing now. The probability is high that she too has just experienced a job change and may even have been promoted. Take advantage of this favourable moment and present yourself as a problem solver.

  1. The person who inherits your new contact

Ask your new contact where he came from and what he did before he moved to this position. It is not unlikely that a vacancy at a position of interest to you has also arisen at his old employer as a result of his departure. Also introduce yourself to the person who will replenish it in the future – especially if it is another company.

trigger event job change


Recognizing a trigger event

Certainly: Not all four of these options are effective in every case. However, a job change of one of your contacts is a powerful trigger event that opens up several opportunities for you. So it makes absolute sense to keep up to date by active monitoring when this happens to one of your leads. For example:

  • An autoresponder to one of your e-mails tells you that the person you are writing to is no longer working for this company. Or your mail can no longer be delivered.
  • The job change becomes visible in career networks such as LinkedIn or Xing.
  • The company publishes a press release, a newsletter or actively informs by other means that a change of personnel has taken place at this point.
  • A Google Alert for that contact will tell you about it.
  • Implisense Pro automatically informs you about the change for your lead by analyzing countless online sources – with no action on your part.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities that arise for you from a job change of one of your contacts!