Research project LUCID started

Semantic information flows in distributed value networks

In October, the three-year research project LUCID (Linked valUe ChaIn Data) was launched. In this project, Implisense conducts research with a number of renowned partners on networked company data in value-added networks. This project is funded within the framework of the funding programe  „IKT 2020 – Forschung für Innovationen“
 of the Federal ministry of Education and Research .

The research project deals with the question of how companies can be enabled to provide all essential company data completely, up-to-date and securely in an open, machine-readable and flexibly extensible format in order to exchange a wide range of information with customers, suppliers and potential cooperation partners so that de-centralized value-added networks can be put together dynamically. Particularly in a highly developed division of labour economy such as Germany, however, the specialisation and focusing of companies on core tasks leads to increasingly complex supply and value-added networks, the control of which has become a decisive success factor. Smooth information flows between the participating companies are of central importance for the robust, efficient and effective design of these value-added networks. Examples of information to be exchanged include contact addresses and contacts, consumption and delivery forecasts, quality assurance data and logistics information.

The LUCID project relies on Linked Data and technologies of distributed social networks to solve this problem. Implisense is in charge of two work packages, with Dr. André Bergholz as head of research. The first work package deals with the question of how to simplify the order-related search for complementary value-added partners. The second work package examines relevant events that can provide early information on potential disruptions to the value-added network.

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