20+ Use Cases for implisense.com

With implisense.com you get direct access to over 1 million company profiles for all active companies in Germany. The following use cases will show you how you can benefit optimally from the service:

Find a certain company

Are you looking for a specific company from Germany? Then these search options will help you:

Find companies with certain characteristics

Would you like to know which companies with certain characteristics operate in Germany? Then the powerful search of implisense.com will help you:

Manage companies as favorites

You selected a variety of particularly important companies and would like to have faster access to them next time? Use the free favourites function for this purpose:

Get detailed company information

Are you interested in more detailed information about a company? Then implisense.com provides you with the following data depending on availability:

  • Official company name according to commercial register
  • Former company name
  • Official address according to commercial register
  • Commercial register number and local court
  • Managing directors/authorised signatories
  • Date of registration
  • Economic activity according to commercial register
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • Company email address
  • Social media posts
  • Products and services
  • Number of employees
  • Balance sheet total
  • Revenue
  • Earnings
use cases company profile

Get news about companies

Do you want to stay up to date with the latest developments in an industry? Receive interesting news on different trending topics.

And per company: Current posts from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Applications in sales

You have sales tasks and would like to deepen your customer relations by a good information basis?

Use company profiles as a tool for insights about the prospect

Use company news to understand current topics and challenges

Applications in marketing

You work in marketing and would like to make your messages more relevant and targeted? Then the following applications are the right ones for you:

Analyze your existing CRM database to discover new sub groups

Profile existing contacts with additional 3rd party data points for better messaging

Note: Since February 2020, Companies and Markets has been operating as implisense.com.

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Is your use case missing?

Write to us via the contact form and we will consult you about the individual possibilities that Implisense offers you.

Company data straight away while surfing the web

The Implisense Bookmarklet provides you with current information about companies while surfing on websites. The installation of the free tool takes only a few seconds.


Fully tested with Chrome, Firefox and Safari

Installing the bookmarklet

  1. Visit implisense.com and scroll down to the “Free Tool” section
  2. Check whether the bookmarks or favorites bar are displayed in your browser (in the browser menu under Display / Bookmarks bar or Display / Favorites bar)
  3. Use drag-and-drop to place the red “Implisense lookup” button in the favorites bar. The installation is now complete!

Watch the video of the installation

Implisense Bookmarklet Installation


With the bookmarklet you can look up background information on a company in seconds while surfing. Here is a small demo while surfing in a business information service:

Implisense Bookmarklet Anwendungsbeispiel

The company profiles provide you with important information about the company, such as address, management, size and much more. As a Plus user you can add the company directly to your favorites to save them for later analysis.

Do you have questions about the bookmarklet?
Your questions are best answered by using the contact form.

Identify sales personalities – employ hunters and farmers properly

Always on the hunt for a new deal, not to be stopped by a simple “no” – or with the attention always very close to the needs of the customer, intent on building relationships that pay off in the long run: There are very different types of sales people. A not uncommon classification distinguishes the hunters who are oriented towards winning new customers and the farmers who are more interested in cultivating existing customers. Both types of salesperson come with advantages and disadvantages. And both are important for long-term successful sales. In order for them to make the most of their strengths without their weaknesses getting in the way, it is important that you recognise which type of salesperson you have in front of you – and to employ them correctly.

Sales personalities: Huntersand farmer

The Hunter: Stubborn but impatient

Hunters are best off at the front line of new customer acquisition. Because that’s where they really feel at home. Even when faced with the challenge of unloved telephone acquisition, these thoroughbred salespeople do not shy away. Their high tolerance for frustration is of great benefit to them: even the tenth consecutive “no” does not demotivate these passionate salespeople. On the contrary, they see the challenge as an incentive to conquer the market all the more persistently. Their motivation is the sense of achievement. Having won a new customer for the company is the feeling that Hunter is looking for. But in return they want to earn the necessary laurels and tangible recognition. And then, spurred on by this positive reinforcement, they immediately set their sights on the next big fish.

These striking successes are rarely achieved in existing customer care. Therefore, Hunters are not particularly interested in looking after an existing customer base for years. And working in a team is often not their strong point either. They prefer to go out on their own in the hunt for attractive new business. Their quest for success and recognition can make Hunter’s management quite demanding. It is important to find the right measure of encouraging recognition that serves as an incentive for the acquisition ace, but also does not allow them to lose their ground. A balancing act – which is worth it. Because a good hunter ensures a steady influx of new customers and orders.

The farmer: Consulting-oriented, but reserved

The idea of picking up one No after the other during the strenuous telephone acquisition process puts beads of sweat on the farmer’s forehead. The aggressive belabouring of all too often uninterested potential customers is much less appealing to him – but he cannot take the regular cancellations without leaving a trace.

Instead, he would prefer to become all the more familiar with his existing customers and understand their specific processes, challenges and needs in detail. In order to then offer them individually tailored solutions as a loyal advisor. Rather than constantly having to dedicate himself to new customers, the farmer would therefore prefer to maximize up- and cross-selling opportunities and develop the customer in the long term. To achieve this, he focuses on building sustainable relationships.

Correct employment decides on success

For a long-term successful distribution, both types are needed in the company. Hunters, who acquire new customers, and farmers, who cultivate and maintain these customer relationships over the long term and exploit their potential. But this can only be achieved if you also have the right people in the right positions in your sales team. Before hiring a new salesperson, check whether you’re dealing with a hunter or a farmer, and think carefully about the type of salesperson you need for the vacant position.

But even in your existing team, an analysis of current employees against this background can lead to significant performance improvements. Do you have an agent who falls short of expectations? Or an account manager who finds it difficult to build genuinely interested customer relationships? Get in touch with such employees and consider a redistribution of tasks within your team. Maybe it’s a hunter who’s not allowed to hunt or a farmer who’s uncomfortable in the wild. By correctly matching the different sales personalities and the different tasks in your sales team, you will get the most out of your people.

The requirements for the type and processing of relevant customer data also differ between hunters and farmers. Implisense provides you with compact company profiles for the efficient preparation of a meeting with a potential new customer and with an impressive depth of data and daily updates on your existing customers.

Test it now!

It’s Coming Home: Companies and Markets becomes Implisense!

On the Monday before Ash Wednesday we performed a parade of a special kind: Our portal “Companies and Markets”, the leading German B2B portal for company data, is now available directly under our homepage implisense.com! With this we want to express: The portal is now in a state we feel comfortable with ; it is something we want to be identified with as a brand.

The migration will also bring you several new advantages:

  1. We have significantly improved the design and usability of the portal. Increased readability, clearer structures – we hope you like the new look!
  2. You can now sign on for the Implisense Plus offer directly with Implisense. In addition to the previous options of OAuth registration via Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn, we now also offer you a direct Double-Opt-In option.
  3. The Implisense Plus offer itself has also been improved. In particular, registered users can now mark their own favourites, so that you always have the companies you are particularly interested in at a glance.

Of course it continues: You can also look forward to further new developments in the following weeks and months. Our goal is to remain or become your first point of contact for company information of any kind.

PS: Do you already know our implisen.se-lookup?

You can quickly, easily and free of charge look up companies under the URL “implisen.se”. Just give it a try!



In many browsers (e.g. Chrome) you can also configure “implisen.se” as a search engine and assign a keyboard shortcut (e.g. “i”), then it works even faster and easier! And you can integrate our company profiles directly via iframe in many CRM systems, so that you always know at a glance who you are dealing with. And all this is completely free of charge and without registration.

Learn more about the Implisense Lookup “implisen.se

Qualify email contacts in Gmail for free

Do you use Gmail for business contacts? Then we have some news for you: You can now qualify German business emails automatically. With the free “Implisense for Gmail” add-on.

Recent Events with the Implisense for GMail Add-on The Implisense for Gmail add-on is targeted at an B2B audience. It uses the Implisense API to resolve email addresses from commercial senders to identify the company behind the sender (solely based on the domain, not on any personal data). The add-on displays basic information about the company, such as the address, the website, and recent events. It furthermore links to the full company profile on the public companies-and-markets.com portal.

Resolve email addresses with the Implisense for GMail add-on Using this add-on, you will immediately see who you are dealing with. So you can prioritize your requests much better. The link to our Companies and Markets platform also gives you a detailed company profile of your enquiries, which helps you to personalise your response more effectively.

This tool will help you to make your sales and marketing process more efficient and effective.

Free download and installation of the “Implisense for Gmail” add-on.