Why data enrichment is not just about data quality

At this blog, we have already presented various use cases for more efficiency in marketing and sales through data enhancement. In most cases, the introduction of a data enhancement strategy is based on the desire for a qualified and comprehensive firmographic profile of the incoming leads. But to get the most out of your data enrichment solution, you need more than the pure data quality of the firmographic information. By wisely leveraging the benefits of a broad data provider, you can get more out of your data set. And make data enrichment in your organization an extremely powerful sales and marketing tool.

Not everything, but important: Consistently high data quality essential

Obviously, a high quality of the delivered data is still at the top of the list of things a data enhancement service provider must offer you. After all, the quality of your company data determines its expressiveness. The more comprehensive and reliable the information you receive from your data enhancement partner, the less of it you need to collect from your customers and leads. One e-mail address is often enough – and you will receive a detailed firmographic profile. This results in a significantly lower hurdle to contact and an extremely comfortable user experience.

At the same time, data quality also means up-to-date data. Estimates assume that information will become obsolete in about a third of your data records within a year. Sometimes after just a few days or weeks. In the worst case this leads to an incorrect treatment of the customer or prospective customer and thus to a waste of valuable resources in marketing and sales. A good data enhancement service such as Implisense automatically provides you with updates to your existing data records. This ensures not only an initial, but above all a consistently high quality of your data.

Advantage through up-to-date databases: Signals and trigger events as a window to the customer

Data quality: The window to the customerIf used correctly, however, the usefulness of automated data enrichment goes well beyond regular filling of firmographic gaps and data quality as well as data topicality. The Implisense algorithm provides you with information you could never have requested from your lead or customer. Not least because in many cases you would not have known at all that there was such information to ask for. Important signals and trigger events that give you a valuable knowledge advantage:

  • In which positions are more people being recruited at the moment? (Can a strategic expansion or the opening of a new location or business area be derived from this?)
  • What technical and software skills are expected from employees? (So which systems are used internally?)
  • Were there new hires in middle management? (Can you be the first to talk to a new contact person?)

If you interpret this at first glance banal information correctly in the sense of your company, you will gain extremely specific contact reasons from your data enrichment. And maximize your chance of a quick and successful deal.

The when and where: Efficiency through intelligent data flows

When we talk about how you can increase the efficiency of your marketing and sales department with an appropriate data enrichment solution, we cannot ignore one essential point: The accessibility of all this information. Only if all relevant persons have access to all required data at all times can you actually exploit the advantages of the enriched data set. And if possible without the need for manual transfer! With intelligent interfaces such as the Implisense API, you can integrate the data enhancement service directly into your existing systems. The data flows automatically into your central databases and can be retrieved by all authorized employees at any time. Completely without your active involvement.

Before introducing a data enhancement solution, think carefully about what it should offer you in addition to impeccable data quality. And make clever use of signals and interfaces. Otherwise you will unnecessarily reduce their potential for your company.

Increase data quality with Data-as-a-ServiceImplisense’s Data-as-a-Service gives you access to several million features of more than 2.4 million economically active companies from Germany. And over 5.2 million companies in total. All this via a modern JSON REST interface (API). Here you will learn about the most important features, functions and application possibilities of Data-as-a-Service.Hier erfahren Sie die wichtigsten Eigenschaften, Funktionen und Anwendungsmöglichkeiten des Data-as-a-Service.

Social media posts for 250,000 company profiles

More than 3.5 billion people worldwide use social media. It is estimated that 81% of small and medium-sized enterprises use one of the popular social media platforms (Brandwatch 2019). We want to help more people gain easy access to social media contributions from companies. For this purpose, an integration of the latest social media posts has been implemented on approx. 250,000 company profiles, with an upward trend. This integration is now live for German companies that operate a social media presence. The connected social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Further integrations are in preparation.

The company profile of Circus Internet, a start-up from our neighbourhood, shows how current social media posts are integrated:
Social media posts in the company profile of the startup Circus Internet

With the new free feature, we want to help German companies achieve greater reach and visibility for their social media activities without any additional effort. For all users of Companies and Markets, social media monitoring helps to see all current social media contributions to new offers, jobs and company development tips in a single place. After a simple and free registration you will also see PLUS company profiles with extended information such as employee numbers and complete management.

Do you like the feature? Would you like further additions? If so, please write to us at hello@implisense.com.

Maximum visibility for your business

Many users on Companies and Markets are looking for wholesalers or manufacturers. Are you interested to be better found with your business online in Germany and internationally?

In this way we ensure maximum visibility for your company:

    1. Your company appears in search suggestions for defined keywords.
    2. Your company will be highlighted on search results pages for similar providers.
    3. Your company will be linked to business partners close to the same industry.
    4. Your company data is published in such a way that Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and specialised company directories can read in this data in a structured manner and thus increase your reach.

Visibility by company profile entry

These are just some of the advantages of having your own company listing on Companies and Markets. The offer is currently under construction and the waiting list has been opened. You have a company in Germany and want maximum visibility? Then register here without obligation.

Registration provides staff numbers and complete management

The Data Scientists at Implisense are constantly working on preparing useful content on companies. The Plus version of Companies and Markets has been developed for users who need background information on a company. It requires free registration via Google and LinkedIn.

The benefits of your registration:

    1. Complete management – all board members, managing directors and authorised signatories
    2. Number of employees – the number of employees shown in the company’s annual financial statements.
    3. Complete technology profile – all technologies from the company website or from jobs.
    4. Company e-mail address – non-personal contact e-mail addresses from the company website

Plus version of Companies and Markets with free registration

In contrast to the general company profile, the Plus Profile contains more content intended for users who wish to obtain background information. This requires a free registration via Google or LinkedIn. Here you can register directly for a free Plus account.

Do you like the add-ons? Would you like more information? If so, please write an email to hello@implisense.com.

3 specifics in the sales of cloud solutions

The fact that sales is changing is an open secret. Especially in the IT sector. Because with an increasing shift from the classic business with software licenses to more and more cloud solutions, there are a lot of new conditions for your sales team. Instead of a closed product, an ongoing service is now being sold. This has a big influence on the processes in the buying center of your potential customer. It also affects the sales mechanisms that help you get the most out of your business.

1. a variable pricing requires a look into the crystal ball

One of the obvious differences between a classic license and modern models of software-as-a-service is the different pricing. With SaaS, this is usually based on usage. In order to be able to make the customer a tailor-made offer in this respect, also in the long term, the sales representative must not only understand his current usage behaviour, but also be able to make valid forecasts for future development. This requires much deeper insights. Some of these insights can be gained from collected or purchased data, but some must also be provided by the customer himself. In this respect, a genuine relationship of trust between the customer and his account manager is essential.

2. complex decision-making processes with many contacts

Cloud solutions usually affect numerous different areas of competence within a company: IT, specialist departments, data protection officers and so on. This often results in a larger buying center with more decision-makers and correspondingly tougher and more time-consuming negotiations. Here, the sales representative must be willing and able to act as an intermediary between the various interests. This requires a deep knowledge of one’s own product as well as the customer’s situation.

3. cloud services are cancelable – and expandable

The sales team of a SaaS provider is challenged not only before the successful deal, but also after it. Cloud services are not only comparatively easy to implement, they can also be cancelled. A target-oriented onboarding process can be decisive for success in order for the customer to recognize the added value of the solution and actually exploit its potential. In addition, customer feedback can and must flow even more directly into product development. Sales has a stronger internal role than before as an agent of the customer, who passes on his experiences and wishes to development.

Last but not least, close contact with the customer is absolutely essential in order to keep a close eye on its development and to identify upselling potential in good time.

What the successful SaaS sales representative requires

In order to meet these changing requirements, your sales team needs two things in addition to a basic awareness of the situation. First: an extremely deep understanding of the company’s own product and its technical framework. And secondly: an extremely deep understanding of the interested party or customer as well as the specific challenges they are currently confronted with. The technical understanding must be created through intensive cooperation between development and sales team. Increasingly, data collected by algorithms is being used to gain value-adding information about customers and leads. With the Implisense API, for example, you can integrate hundreds of daily updated data points on all companies listed in the German Commercial Register into your system. Based on concrete signals, you not only gain an insight into the current situation of the respective company, but can also draw conclusions about which aspects of your software-as-a-service will most effectively meet the needs of this customer at present.

You can find five theses on the B2B sales people of the future in this previous blog post.

Software companies have to adapt to the changed conditions in sales in order to market their cloud solutions effectively. But this is also a great opportunity: Use the strategic restructuring process to build up your modern sales 4.0 with the help of data intelligence – for optimal use of resources and maximum conversion.