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In several previous blog articles we have introduced you to the free Implisense Lookup, which allows you to research email addresses of incoming contacts or simply companies that interest you. Furthermore, we demonstrated how you can set up this functionality as a search with abbreviations in different browsers.

Today we present you the simplest variant of the lookup. We call it “ – The free database about companies”. It works in any browser, on any device. For this purpose we have acquired the domain “”. Just click on one of the examples below:

As you can see, the URL “” can simply be supplemented with company names or e-mail addresses and will be forwarded directly to an informative company profile on our platform Companies and Markets. Thus “” functions as a link shortener (can be easily forwarded and shared) and as a lookup in one. All this without any prerequisites; no costs arise for you and no registration is required.

Tip: Please set the language to English the first time you use it.

We believe that this is a useful tool to help you improve the quality of your sales processes.

Relaunch of the free research platform Companies and Markets

If you have visited our research platform Companies and Markets in recent weeks, you will certainly have noticed numerous innovations.

We have refreshed the design and thus made the site much clearer for the users. The search results of a selection can now be identified more clearly this way. In addition, a histogram now illustrates the distribution of the company size in the search result in relation to the total data stock.

The company profiles are also much clearer. The master data in the right area has been divided thematically and can now also be seen directly above in the mobile view. After the relaunch, the date of foundation and links to the most important social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, etc.) are also displayed.

For a better search experience, speed and compatibility with all browsers have been significantly improved.

An overview of the changes

  • Greater clarity thanks to card design
  • Additional data points added: age/founding of a company, links to social media sites
  • Search results are now clickable everywhere
  • Breadcrumbs replaced by “Home” and “Back” buttons
  • Icons have been completely reworked
  • A QR code has been added to company profiles to make it easier to share links with others
  • Semantic data according to have been revised
  • Internet Explorer search has been improved
  • Faster loading of pages, especially for mobile use

About Companies and Markets

Companies and Markets offers you an intelligent and up-to-date company and market research. Selections identify companies that deal with innovative technologies, current trends or any other search terms on their websites. This is made possible by applying modern text mining techniques to the content of corporate websites. The individual company profiles provide a more detailed overview of the respective companies.

Sample Use Cases

Have a look (once again). The Companies and Markets research platform makes your marketing and sales tasks much easier.

How to use the technology profile on Companies and Markets for your success

Only a few weeks ago we presented the free public profiles on the platform Companies and Markets: clear and informative company dossiers at a click – including simple graphical presentations. Part of this free offer are also the technology profiles available for many companies. These illustrate how often certain technologies are mentioned in connection with a company. For this purpose, an algorithm evaluates countless online sources – including, for example, concrete job advertisements – and weights them based on the frequency with which the various technologies can be assigned to the respective company.

technology profile Companies and Markets

With a little industry knowledge, these data can be used to draw excellent conclusions about the technological status of the company concerned, its development and future viability. Which topics that will have a decisive influence on the future of the respective industry already play an important role for this company? How much attention does this topic receive compared to other companies? And how does this change over time? If you evaluate the daily updated data with a trace of creativity, you can gain amazing insights into the structure of your customers or competitors. A few examples:

Identify sales opportunities

technology profile Zalando
technology profile Zalando

Companies and Markets technology profile helps you identify opportunities for your sales. For example, if your company offers innovative software, it is very valuable to know which systems are currently in use with a potential customer. If, for example, your solution has a convenient interface to software that is used throughout the company, you will immediately have an excellent sales argument. However, if you are able to observe the daily updated data over time and discover that a competitor seems to have convinced this customer straight away, you better concentrate your resources on more promising leads. But even for a machine builder, it can be a valuable piece of information that a certain production company seems to be modernizing its production. In short: With the technology profile you get comprehensive insights at a glance, which at best could have been obtained from a human discussion partner on the customer side after many detailed discussions.

Assess business risks

It is probably not worth it for you to rely on a customer or supplier who misses the essential trends in his industry. One way to anticipate this is to use the technology profile of Companies and Markets to see how future-proof your potential business partners are. Especially in the case of medium-sized companies, about which comparatively little is publicly published, you will quickly receive a lot of enlightening data. A bank’s corporate client advisor, for example, uses this information to support a planned investment. Or the buyer of a manufacturer who has to choose between different suppliers. Reduce the risk of default by working with promising business partners.

Rate competitors

Example of technology profile
Technology profile Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

The better you know your competitors, the better you can sharpen your own profile. Keep an eye on developments at other companies in your industry and draw the necessary conclusions for your own strategic orientation. What trends does the technological pioneer in your industry focus on? What does the market leader react to more slowly than you? And with what technological visions do your competitors advertise for highly competitive specialists? You can find the answer in the technology profile on Companies and Markets. If you evaluate the data under the right premises.

Exploring job perspectives

Talking about skilled workers: Not only for companies, but also for skilled workers willing to change jobs or career starters, the free technology profiles provide useful insights. Of course, they are also interested in an employer who works with state-of-the-art technologies. Potential employees in technology-related jobs in particular are able to see from this the significance that technology has for the potential employer. An interesting decision-making aid in the career market.

Companies and Markets offers a lot of data for a fast but meaningful preparation of conversations. The technology profiles are among the most powerful tools on the platform – and can even be called up free of charge. Those who want to delve deeper into the research of the respective sources from which the data originates can do so with an optional premium account. Use the power of the technology profiles for your success now!

Here you can find an exemplary technology profile on

5 theses on B2B sales people of the future

The fact that the information and purchasing behaviour of customers in an increasingly digitized business world is changing essentially, has probably not escaped any sales department by now. In many places, however, there is less clarity regarding the question of how sales should best adapt to these changed and constantly changing conditions. We have formulated five theses that describe what the sales people of the future will look like.

Sales people of the future: Woman on the phone with mobile phone

Thesis 1: Sales loses information supremacy

Much of the information that the customer previously only learned in conversation with a sales representative is now available to him at all times. All the essential nominal data of a product are just a few clicks away. And they can often be evaluated more efficiently by the customer in this way than a conversation with the sales representative. Today’s sales people have to deal with much better informed customers – and with the resulting increased expectations of the conversation. Because the added value of the conversation for the customer can no longer be created by pure information. Instead, sales people of the future will have to offer much more strategically specific solutions. This requires in-depth knowledge of the customer.

Thesis 2: The sales people become customers’ experts

Today, sales people are often primarily experts for their product. But with the loss of information supremacy this is worth less and less. In order to meet the increasing demand of customers for noticeable added value, sales people of the future will have to become experts for their customers. In order to be able to offer truly innovative solutions, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the processes and, in particular, of the customer’s challenges. The guiding principle: “Know your customer” will become dramatically more important.

Thesis 3: Sales people become supporters in the purchasing process

Given the much deeper insights that the sales people of the future will gain about their customers, they will increasingly become the customer’s representatives in the company. Instead of a salesperson who is fully focused on the conclusion and distribution of an existing product, the salesperson’s self-image is increasingly turning into a supporter of the customer in the purchasing process. And this is a tremendous opportunity! Because by bringing the real and relevant needs of the customers into the company, the products and solutions can be tailored more effectively to them. With sales – assuming a corresponding corporate culture – the entire company becomes a problem solver for the customer.

Leuchtschrift "Data" vor Fenster mit Blick auf Hochhäuser

Thesis 4: Data will be the decisive resource in sales

Technology is still seen more as a competitor than an opportunity by some sales departments. One reason for this is often the fact that too many companies still relate the digital transformation too closely to marketing. And some formerly original sales tasks are now integrated into marketing as a result of technology. But also and especially sales people need to be trained in how to use these technologies. In order to be able to fulfil the new role of the sales people in this form, data becomes a decisive resource. Only with the help of comprehensive data can the deep insights into the needs and challenges of customers be gained, which will enable sales people of the future to become experts and find solutions.

Thesis 5: Sales people can spend more time on their customers

Finally, the good news: What sounds like a lot of additional work in sales up to now, is in reality simply a different job. Many simple administrative tasks are increasingly being taken over by technology – even in sales. As a result, employees are gaining more and more time to focus on their customers. Technological change is neither a blessing nor a curse for sales. It is an inexorable fact to which we have to adapt evolutionarily. However, this will not succeed with isolated individual activities, but only by completely rethinking the role of sales and by fundamentally adapting the DNA of the sales work in the company. Then the sales people of the future will become a key growth driver.

Become an expert for your customers with Implisense Pro’s daily updated data records. The app as well as the new user-friendly Premium Reports provide you with hundreds of data points on your customers and leads – far beyond the usual master data. Your start into the sales of the future.

Meeting preparation in B2B sales with premium reports

A stressful day, a potential new customer calls you back in a few minutes, but until now you didn’t have the time to prepare a well-founded meeting. Your most important sales motto has always been: “Know your customer”. Not exactly an optimal starting point for your upcoming sales talk. Thanks to the Implisense Premium Reports, however, the situation is now much less critical than before. With the Premium Reports you get clear and insightful company profiles at a click – for more than one million large and small companies. In just a few minutes you can get a targeted overview of the company of your business partner.

company profiles Über die Firma

The algorithm searches for you

Especially the tab “About the company” provides the new data, from which you can get a lot of information about your leads with a trained eye. For example, the weighting of the products and services offered, the significance of the various target groups, international activities or even the value-added promises that the company in question is making to its customers. A technology profile can also be found among these data, for example. This shows which technologies the company in question is increasingly focusing on. A helpful working basis – for example for software providers, who can gain valuable insights into the techstack of potential customers before a conversation and submit an offer tailored to their needs right from the start.

In-depth insights at a glance

A special highlight of the provided data is their actuality. This is because they relate to the last 6 to 18 months in each case, so that they primarily reflect the current developments at the respective company – and thus very current or possible future requirements. How consistently does a financial services provider pursue its digitization strategy? What future technologies is an automobile manufacturer preparing itself for? And which innovative product slowly outstrips the evergreens in a traditional medium-sized company? Due to the vivid graphic presentation, conspicuous features in the data quickly catch the eye. With a little industry knowledge, deep interpretations can be derived quickly. The comparison of different companies in an industry or one’s own company with certain competitors also provides valuable insights.

Always one step ahead due to being up-to-date

Firmenprofile EreignisseA special highlight of the data provided on Companies and Markets is their actuality. After all, these relate to the last 6 to 18 months, so that they primarily reflect current developments at the respective company – and thus also current or possible future requirements. How consistently does a financial services provider pursue its digitization strategy? What future technologies is an automobile manufacturer preparing itself for? And which innovative product slowly outstrips the evergreens in a traditional medium-sized company? Due to the vivid graphic presentation, conspicuous data peculiarities quickly catch the eye. With a little industry knowledge, it is then possible to derive astonishingly fast and in-depth interpretations. The comparison of different companies in an industry or one’s own company with certain competitors also provides valuable insights.

All-round tool for preparing conversations

With these comprehensive features, Premium Reports are a helpful tool for preparing for an upcoming customer meeting. Within a few minutes you will gain the first important insights that will help you on your way to a successful conclusion and present yourself to the person you are talking to as well informed. In the office or via smartphone on the way to the customer. If required, even more detailed information and direct links to the sources can be integrated into the reports. The Premium Reports should thus become a suitable tool for many marketing and sales professionals to significantly simplify meeting preparation and customer planning.

Request a free Premium Report here.