4 Impulses that create opportunities for b2b sales during the increasing corona loosening

The Corona-related restrictions of recent months have caused considerable economic upheaval. And even if it is now slowly being restarted step by step, there is still a long way to go before we can speak of normality again. Of course, this also has serious consequences for work in B2B sales, which you probably feel every day. Despite all the challenges, the current reorganization that is taking place in many markets is also a great opportunity. Companies that know how to deal well with the current peculiarities and cleverly support their customers can strengthen their market position in the long term. Sales and distribution play a key role in this. But to be able to perceive this in the best sense, you have to overcome your own obstacles. The following 4 impulses for sales work that open up opportunities during the increasing corona relaxations will help you achieve this.

Sales work during corona loosening

Impulse 1: Empathy yes, false restraint no

It is true that many companies are currently struggling to make investments and make longer-term financial commitments. It is also true, however, that most of them are actively seeking solutions to emerge from the crisis stronger than before, to minimise negative effects and to be able to take advantage of the opportunities arising from the increasing loosening. The fact that in many places money is just not as easy to spend as it was a few months ago is leading many sales teams to a worried reluctance – but too often this is a false sense of reserve. The crucial point is that if you don’t act as a supplicant or salesman who wants to make money, but instead offer your customers or prospects a real solution to the challenges that are currently overwhelming them, you will meet sympathetic listeners in many places, not only despite the current situation, but especially in view of it.

Impulse 2: Internalising new rules

You will convince customers even more than before with genuine empathy and understanding for their current challenges and with practical ideas for solutions to these challenges. However, this requires a deep knowledge of the current framework conditions and rules of the game in the respective industry as well as the concrete way in which the respective company deals with the situation. A profound and very individual research is therefore indispensable. Which departments are currently open, closed or only partially operational? How does the company itself currently address its customers? How has the range of services changed in the meantime? How is your prospective customer involved in certain economic cycles and possibly indirectly affected? And how does the daily work routine of your contact currently look like? Ensure that honest understanding is a basic prerequisite and prepare practical solution ideas. Even if this is more time-consuming than usual.

Impulse 3: Clever use of time windows 

For quite a few sales employees, remote work means more time capacity. Instead of long travel times to the customer, calls and video conferences are often held. These in turn, as many report, are often shorter and more efficient if individual participants work from home. Use these released capacities and invest them fully in customer research. Instead of having to accommodate more calls and contacts in the same time, increase the quality of your calls and thus increase the probability of closing a deal.

Impulse 4: Focus on fundamental knowledge

Indeed, many sales processes are tougher, more challenging and sometimes certainly more frustrating during the slow opening of the economy than they were before the global Covid 19 pandemic. All the more reason for you to become aware again of your actual tools as a sales professional. Because the tools that lead to success have not changed – only the content with which you have to fill them. Refresh your sales know-how once again consciously and go into the reorganisation phase well prepared and self-confident. Your chances outweigh the problems.

Rarely have there been so many major changes in the business model of numerous companies as during the Corona period and the loosening that is now underway. Implisense provides you with daily notifications of relevant trigger events free of charge. This makes it much easier for you to find out how your customers and prospects are dealing with the crisis and the new start.

B2B sales in home office

Stay at home nowadays is true for many people. For business, this means home office or remote work. But how can customer acquisition and customer care tasks in particular be organized from home? We would like to introduce you to some possibilities and aids to enable you to carry out your sales tasks in a purely digital way. This list of relevant blog posts provides a first overview of sales in the home office. Feel free to contact us if you need technical support in the areas of lead generation, effective customer approach or sales analytics due to the conversion to home office.

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Please keep in mind when reading past blog posts: The search plattorm Companies and Markets is now called Implisense.com!

3 use cases for dark data analysis in marketing & sales

Data is the new currency in marketing and sales. The processes in these departments are becoming more and more data-driven – certainly also in your company. However, the more sales and marketing rely on it, the more important it is that the data on which decisions are based is really the right and relevant data. But this is not always the case. Because most tech platforms are only able to collect and process a small part of the available information. Namely, visible and structured data that almost always refer to the past. A true treasure of data of multiple size lies beneath the surface, which would enable much more precise statements in real time as well as highly probable forecasts – dark data. The problem is that they hide largely unstructured in a large number of scattered sources.

Dark Data - unstructured dataThe great thing is that AI is increasingly capable of detecting, collecting and – above all – interpreting this unstructured data. This gives you much deeper insights into your leads and customers, enables you to react more quickly to changes and provides you with more information on whether you are using the right data points as the basis for segmenting your contacts.

Three typical examples of how you can use Dark Data in your marketing and sales:

Use Case 1: In-depth insights for preparing calls

Technology profile e.g. from Dark DataImagine you could see at a glance which technologies a potential customer is using in his company, you knew in which countries he is going to increase his activities – without official announcement – or in which product groups the company is currently investing more. This and more information is already available on the Companies and Markets platform. And all this in a clear graphic format for quick preparation of meetings. The data for this is collected by an AI from millions of sources on the Deep Web. It interprets signals and mentions that have not been taken into account in conventional data collection – for example, the prerequisite for certain software skills in job ads. This turns a huge amount of unstructured data into meaningful, in-depth company profiles that you can call up with just one click. In a slimmed-down form even free of charge.

Use Case 2: Validation of data sets and trigger event detection

Even the most extensive data set is only valuable if it is up-to-date. AI-supported data enrichment and updating – for example using the Implisense API – also relies on Deep Data. Have records about your leads and customers automatically replenished and kept up to date. Quantity and quality of data in one solution. Another benefit of automatically updating your records: You recognize trigger events as early as possible and can react immediately. By evaluating the unstructured signals on the Deep Web, you know about relevant changes in your contacts even before your competition.

Use Case 3: Automatic segmentation based on relevant data

Data form the informative basis for the creation of positive customer experiences and the interpretation of customer behaviour. But are you sure you’re really looking at the relevant data points? An example: A restaurant wants to get to the bottom of the decline in walk-in customers. To do this, those responsible use customer feedback on food, ambience and service. But what if the main reason is a difficult parking situation in the surrounding area? If your interpretations are based on the wrong data points, you will draw the wrong conclusions and possibly even act counterproductively.

Implisense Pro helps you segment your customers and leads with Dark Data. Because the AI searches among the huge datasets it has created from the unstructured information for commonalities that connect your best customers. And on this basis, it suggests companies that also have these characteristics. The algorithm automatically determines which data points are important for identifying leads with great potential for you. In other words, the segmentation is really based on the relevant data.

Lift the data treasure below the surface by making Dark Data usable in marketing and sales.

3 use cases to increase success through data enhancement

Our blog posts deal a lot with data-supported work in marketing and sales. However, it is clear that the quality of these measures depends critically on the amount and quality of the data you have on your leads, prospects or customers. Only with an extensive set of relevant and up-to-date data can you gain in-depth insights that enable you to address your segmented target groups precisely. Yet many companies do not even have the possibility to collect data to this extent. They receive only limited information from their leads – and it is not always clear how up-to-date these are. So how can you fill even large gaps in your knowledge? The magic word is data enhancement.

Success through data enhancement

Benefit from the extensive databases of a specialized company and be automatically provided with extensive data sets on your leads and prospects, but also on your existing customers. For example with the help of the Implisense API, which you can integrate directly into your existing systems. Define which data is relevant for you and receive up-to-date information at any time with the help of an algorithm. This is useful for a whole range of applications. Three exemplary Use Cases:

Use Case 1: Increase conversion on your website

It has been proven that every additional field in a web form increases the dropout rate. The less data your users have to enter, the lower the hurdle for conversion. With a solid solution for data enrichment in the background, you can keep your web forms as minimal as possible. Just ask for the most necessary information – Implisense will then fill in everything else for you. This means you get more leads and still have all the relevant information you need. And you’ll also improve your potential customer’s user experience. So win-win!

Use Case 2: Qualification & updating of leads

When we talk about modern data-supported marketing and sales, then it is not just firmographic data in which you should be interested. But especially signals that give you an indication of where your prospective customer is currently in the purchasing process. However, this status can change quickly. Once data has been obtained, it may become obsolete a short time later. Of course, you cannot bombard your leads with regular new data queries. An intelligent data enrichment tool like the Implisense API therefore not only provides you once with a comprehensive data set, but also regularly with daily updates to your contacts. This keeps your data automatically qualified and gives you valuable signals about changes that could affect the type of message you want to send to your contact.

Use Case 3: Segmentation & personalization

Without an appropriate data enhancement solution, you usually don’t have a comprehensive dataset immediately. Instead, you have to laboriously collect data from multiple sources over time. However, because a certain amount of information is needed to meaningfully segment and prioritize your leads, this can only happen at a later point in time. In other words, you’re wasting valuable resources on leads that you know too late don’t interest you very much. At the same time, you leave out the possibility of reacting quickly to highly potent leads. By enriching your data, on the other hand, the complete data set is available to you at a stroke. You can categorize your new lead immediately and send it maximum personalized messages depending on its relevance and status in the purchasing process. In this way you waste less potential, use your existing resources more sensibly and convert prospective customers to customers more quickly.

These are just three examples of applications for the beneficial use of data enhancement. A powerful tool that simultaneously accelerates and improves marketing and sales. A real booster for your conversion.