Public funding data on companies

At, companies can now view the public funding they have received. With over 100,000 funded projects, the federal government provides important support for the innovative performance of German companies.

Implisense queries the federal government’s public funding database at regular intervals and generates a separate message on from the large amount of individual data at the beginning and end of each funding project. This allows to view the start of innovation activities as well as the results.

Example use cases

  • Support customers in their innovation activities
  • Discover companies with new innovation topics
  • Evaluate suppliers regarding their innovation strength

Notifications of new and previous funding are displayed in the chronicle of the respective funded company. An example of a funding notification is provided by Implisense itself through its funding by the German Federal Ministry of Economics in the third call of the AI Innovation Contest.

Public Funding Info

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International company holdings

International company holdings of Deutsche Telekom AG

As the largest economy within the European Union, the German economy is particularly linked to the world through trade relations. For the analysis of global supply chains, it is helpful to better understand the international networking of companies through participations or associated companies abroad. For this purpose, work on an automatic extraction of international company shareholdings from annual financial statements was started at the beginning of 2020.

The particular technical challenge was to recognise the international shareholdings mentioned in annual financial statements, interpret them correctly and convert them into a standardised form to support subsequent analyses.

The extraction component, which has now been successfully developed, is being transferred to productive operation at Implisense GmbH. This makes it possible to analyse new documents with information on changed shareholdings within a few seconds.

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