Detect and monitor international activities of companies

How do I find companies that are active in a certain country?

monitor international activities automatically
Automated monitoring of international activities and national references of Wirecard AG

Are you aware for which of your customers Brexit could mean drastic changes? Do you know which of your competitors are planning to enter foreign markets in the future? Or do you possibly offer products and services that are particularly interesting for internationally active companies – do you have to work out potential leads through extensive research?

On the Companies and Markets platform, you can now view the foreign connections and activities of any company at a glance. And the basic version is even free of charge. This valuable data can be used and interpreted in many ways for your strategic sales and marketing plans. Below are a few practical examples.

How it works

Find international activities easily
Public Profiles on Companies and Markets – quickly find companies with international activities

An intelligent algorithm searches the network around the clock for all freely available information on each company entered in the German Commercial Register. It evaluates every mention of a company – from press articles, company websites and job offers to announcements in the commercial register and on Twitter – and also recognizes its context. On Companies and Markets, all mentions of the company you are looking for are then displayed in a newsfeed – in the free basic version, however, only in a reduced view. If a mention of a company in connection with a certain country is spotted, it appears in the feed and is also shown on a world map. In this way, international connections and activities can be seen at a glance.

If you would like to receive more information about the company and its source, please use our Premium Reports.

monitor international activities
Premium Reports – monitor international activities and find occasions to contact the right people

Scenario 1: Identifying relevant customers

An IT service provider protects corporate networks from third-party access so that sensitive data cannot be stolen or digitized production lines sabotaged. These services are of particular interest to companies with locations outside Europe. Even more if some of these locations are located in countries where the risk of industrial espionage or cyber attacks is particularly high. On Companies and Markets the sales team can easily find out in which countries a company is active – or vice versa, which companies are named in connection with a country. An extremely efficient form of lead qualification and prioritization.

Similar usage scenarios arise, for example, for a translation agency or a logistics company.

Scenario 2: Estimating the impact of political developments

The Brexit, an increasingly aggressive US customs policy, sanctions against Iran as well as civil wars and surprising election successes of nationalist candidates – all these events have consequences not only for the citizens and companies in the country, but also for numerous companies in Germany. However, if you want to know which of your customers, interested parties or even suppliers and partners are potentially affected, it is rarely sufficient to consider only their own locations. For example, supply or customer relationships in these countries play an equally important role. Companies and Markets lists the most diverse types of connections of your target companies to the respective countries and regions. This gives you access to information that you would not find anywhere else. And thus a much deeper view into the international connections of your customers and partners – a more secure planning basis for you.

An analysis of the possible effects of the Iran sanctions on German companies can be found in one of our previous blog posts.

Scenario 3: A look into the future

Imagine you could already predict today what your customers and partners, but also your competitors, are planning for the future. This example shows how much power the geo fingerprints of Companies and Markets actually have: For some time, an automobile manufacturer has been increasingly mentioned in connection with an African country. A closer look at the data shows that it is not a question of setting up a production facility there – but of mining the rare earths needed for battery production. A very concrete indication of this company’s increased activities in the field of electromobility. With such a knowledge advantage, you are a decisive step ahead of your competitors.

Use new data sources on companies smarter

In addition to these three application scenarios, countless others can be named – depending on what your company offers and who your customers, suppliers and competitors are.

Around 36% of all SMEs in Germany plan to expand the volume of their foreign activities or to start export activities for the first time, and more than one in ten companies can imagine setting up a branch abroad for the first time (Kranzusch & Holz, 2013). There is a huge customer potential hidden here, which can be easily identified in this way.

There are no limits to your creativity and cleverness to win new customers. Test a small section of our database. Browse through more than 700,000 corporate websites free of charge and search for any corporate properties on Companies and Markets. Another practical example of how to use our free offer can be found here.

For more intensive and even more efficient use, a premium version of the service is also available, which enables even deeper research and relieves you of further work and interpretation steps. There you can view not only the most recent, but also all mentions of your target companies. One click takes you directly to the original source.

If you have any questions about our extensive premium offer, please use our contact form.