Which companies could be affected by the Iran sanctions?

Up to 18,370 companies could be affected by a renewed deterioration in political relations between the West and Iran.

Karte mit Firmen, die Bezüge zum Iran haben
Companies with Iran connections in Germany are located in large cities and export-oriented regions.

Since 8 May 2018, it has become clear that the political conflict between the USA and Iran could also endanger German companies’ trade relations with Iran. A current analysis of data on the larger 600,000 companies in Germany shows that up to 18,370 companies have publicly named economic ties to Iran. The spectrum ranges from suppliers with sales offices, buyers of Iranian products to forwarders who can transport goods to Iran.

Medium-sized companies could be disproportionately affected by economic sanctions. With 2,039 hits and 14.14 percent in the sample, their share of potentially endangered companies is about twice as high as in the population analysed. But large companies have also established economic relations with Iran, with 579 large companies in Germany using this methodology.

Ansicht von Branchen, die von Sanktionen betroffen werden
Export-oriented wholesale and transport are particularly affected.

In addition to certain sectors, specific regions could also be particularly affected. The nationwide distribution of Iran-related companies suggests that urban centres in particular could be severely affected by a negative development in relations with Iran. Accordingly, the density of relevant companies is highest in the large cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Munich as well as the Ruhr area. The regions outside the big cities are also interesting. Nuremberg, Bielefeld and Hanover stand out here. Moreover, the financial stronghold Frankfurt seems unexpectedly to be the location for more potential affected companies than Stuttgart, a focus region of export-oriented automobile manufacturers and machine builders.

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