Use customer data smarter – with a clever enrichment strategy

Nowadays, companies collect a lot of data about their customers. But do they really fulfil their purpose? After all, the data only benefits your marketing and sales team if it is able to gain knowledge about a customer in real time – and make him an offer based on it that matches his individual interests and his current status in the purchasing process. All too often, however, the data collected is insufficient.

The problem: Unstructured and incomplete data

In many cases, the customer data collected is relatively unstructured and comes from different sources. However, they are only as good as the particular source. The up-to-dateness of the information differs. On top of that, they do not interlock seamlessly. Data gaps must be closed by interpretation – and here all too often the boundaries between fact and fiction blur. Inaccurate data therefore leads to false assumptions about a customer and thus to poorly performing campaigns.

Data enrichment strategy in marketing and sales

The solution: A clever data enrichment strategy

It is better not to close data gaps with speculation, but with information. Automatically enrich your fragmented customer data with a service provider and win in three ways:

1. checking your data

Service providers such as Implisense build their data records with the help of an AI, which keeps them up to date at all times. Especially if your customer data has been collected over a longer period of time from different sources, there is a high risk that it contains outdated information. As part of the enrichment process, the data is checked for up-to-dateness and corrected if necessary.

2. closing data gaps

Implisense not only provides you with a complete data set that contains hundreds of data points for each company, it also allows you to easily manage your data. Above all, current signals from this company are evaluated and included on a daily basis. This allows you to base your assumptions about your customers on a much broader database – in real time.

3. getting trigger events right away

The most comprehensive possible picture of your customer is not the only decisive factor for a successful approach, but also the right moment. The daily updated data acquisition additionally provides you with current trigger events, which tell you something about the current status of your customer in the purchase process. This allows you to recognize the ideal moment and tailor both time and message to your customer.

All this happens automatically. Thanks to the Implisense API, the data records in your CRM system are easily enriched with the requested data from Implisense and qualified at the same time. This provides you with comprehensive information in the shortest possible time. So that you don’t miss the ideal time to pick up your potential customers with an exactly fitting message.

A clever data enrichment strategy solves the often underestimated problem of fragmented collection of customer data. With the help of artificial intelligence, you maximize your knowledge about a lead or customer and thus your success in marketing and sales. 

Quantifiability – an often forgotten aspect of target customer profiles

What do you pay particular attention to when you create a target customer profile for your product or service? Probably to the right level of detail. If the target customer profile remains too vague, you are wasting valuable resources in marketing and sales. If, on the other hand, it is too small, you may limit yourself too much. But even with exactly the right depth, your target customer profile is not automatically practicable. It takes more to efficiently generate leads from it. In reality, a good target customer profile must meet three basic criteria:

  1. It must enable you to quickly identify a suitable interested party. The degree of detail referred to is of great importance for this.
  2. This means: In order for your employees in marketing and sales to work consistently with this profile, the description of your target customer must not leave any real scope for interpretation.
  3. You should characterize your target customer using characteristics that can actually be identified and qualified. The characteristics should therefore be suitable for sorting contacts according to them.

The worthless target customer: Accurate but not to be found

If you arbitrarily collect and summarize commonalities of your potential customers, there is a great danger of creating a typification that cannot be found in reality. Either because this combination of characteristics does not occur at all or because the characteristics cannot be mapped in a sorting system.

An example:

You have come to the conclusion that your target customer is a real estate owner between 30 and 45 years of age with a preference for table tennis, Heineken beer and green corduroy pants. Where will you find this person? And then how will you recognize each one? Especially if you let tools support you in your lead generation, which you have to feed with unique data.

Keep your target customer profile quantifiable

For your target customer profile to work both in theory and as a practical basis, it must therefore remain quantifiable. Each individual characteristic for itself as well as the totality of the characteristics in their common appearance. Because even the best characteristic is of no use to you if there is no suitable mechanism to differentiate leads according to it.

Measurable features for more power

If you succeed in developing a meaningful target customer profile based on quantifiable characteristics, tools such as Implisense Pro help you to identify corresponding companies – with minimal effort. From hundreds of data points, select the ones that are relevant for identifying your ideal target customer and get qualified leads generated automatically.

In a previous blog post, we told you how to approach your target customer profile based on your existing customers – and how to automate large parts of this process with Implisense Pro.

Avoid impractical target customer profiles and pay attention to the quantifiability of your essential characteristics in the future.

Determine target customer profiles automatically

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