How do you find companies that use a specific technology?

This article shows how you can create a list of companies that use a certain technology with just a few clicks and with the help of our partly free tools.
This list then can be conveniently used within our web application or offline as an Excel table in sales or marketing.
As an example we are searching for the use of MailChimp. The technologies that can be searched for in this way also include CRM systems and marketing or social media tools such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Zapier, Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook and others.

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We are often asked by our customers to identify companies that use certain technologies and provide them as a list with contact information and addresses. Implisense has a number of methods to determine the techstack of companies from freely available online sources, e.g. by text mining on job ads of companies or by evaluating the technical information in the code of the company websites. Usually you can request company lists from in-depth analyses directly from our team of analysts. However, certain software can be found directly through our search function. So if you don’t want to wait, here are instructions on how to create and view your own company list.

Example: Target group mailchimp users

As an example we take the use of mailchimp. Mailchimp is a cloud-based solution to automate your email marketing. This technology is therefore an indicator of a company’s focus on online marketing and newsletter distribution, for example. This software is often used by young, dynamic or at least digitally affine companies and employees. It enables the addressing of a broad audience with relatively little effort, is therefore also suitable for the marketing of scalable products and allows the integration of various additional plug-ins for the analysis and automation of product marketing.

Whether you offer an alternative solution to this software, or you are only interested in companies that tend to be willing to try out new technologies and/or practice online marketing, you may be interested in this target group.

1. Search in the Implisense company index

The feature we would like to introduce to you in this article is the search for certain company attributes via dedicated company websites.

Of course, not all technologies used by a company are covered on the relevant pages. However, these are often mentioned on career pages, are subject to a disclosure obligation by legal standards, are visible as plug-ins on company websites or are mentioned in the declaration of processes and services.

In this sense, data protection declarations in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provide an interesting insight into the technologies used. Companies that integrate third-party providers into their data processing processes are instructed to list them accordingly in their data protection declaration. These are often cloud-based solutions, from CRM systems and marketing tools to social media and rating agencies. This includes not only MailChimp, but also Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Zapier, Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook and many more.

2. Find prospects for free

Find Mailchimp users for free
Results of the search for “MailChimp” on

To get an initial overview, you can search over 500,000 German company websites free of charge on our Companies and Markets search platform directly after naming these technologies and see the first hits. The simple search for “MailChimp” entries shows that not all companies that mention this software on their website are necessarily users of this software. These include providers of IT services or software manufacturers whose products can be linked with MailChimp.

Results of the search for “MailChimp” on

Find Mailchimp users for free - company view
Detailed view of an exemplary company website from the hit list of the search for “MailChimp”.

A closer look at the company websites of the hits that use MailChimp shows that these companies use characteristic formulations and provide a link to the US company’s privacy policy.

Detailed view of an exemplary company website from the hit list of the search for “MailChimp”.

We have thus found a reliable indicator for our target group.

Search for mailchimp users with "∕legal∕privacy"
Results of the search for “∕legal∕privacy” on

If you now search for the link “∕legal∕privacy”, for example, you will get the desired result. The hit overview already shows that the top hits found use Mailchimp as a newsletter provider.

Results of the search for “∕legal∕privacy” on

Find Mailchimp users for free.
Detailed view of an exemplary company website from the hit list of the search “∕legal∕privacy”.

This can be traced for each of the hits by calling up the company profiles. Here you will not only see all the entries of your search criteria on the company website. In addition, depending on the coverage, we offer you information such as the company purpose, the company headquarters, and selected past events that we have recognized about this company.

Detailed view of an exemplary company website from the hit list of the search for “∕legal∕privacy”.

Even more company details, such as public management information, links to potential business partners, trigger events, etc. can be found in our Implisense Pro app.

3. Get full list of companies

Request complete company lists on
Request a complete list of companies.

If you are satisfied with your selection, you can request the full list by specifying the required search terms and filters.

Request the complete company list with MailChimp users on

Lead generation, segmentation and qualification with Implisense Pro and free companies-and-markets alerts

Filter options in B2B marketingIf the search options are not enough for you or you don’t want to wait, you can test our web application Implisense Pro free of charge for full lead generation in B2B. In addition to the search, various filter criteria and our scoring function for the automatic determination of potential customers are available here.

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However, if you are interested in certain company events, then register for the free test phase of our company alert. This allows you to receive a notification stating technologies, trends, etc. as soon as our systems recognize companies that are named together with these terms and topics.

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Quantifiability – an often forgotten aspect of target customer profiles

What do you pay particular attention to when you create a target customer profile for your product or service? Probably to the right level of detail. If the target customer profile remains too vague, you are wasting valuable resources in marketing and sales. If, on the other hand, it is too small, you may limit yourself too much. But even with exactly the right depth, your target customer profile is not automatically practicable. It takes more to efficiently generate leads from it. In reality, a good target customer profile must meet three basic criteria:

  1. It must enable you to quickly identify a suitable interested party. The degree of detail referred to is of great importance for this.
  2. This means: In order for your employees in marketing and sales to work consistently with this profile, the description of your target customer must not leave any real scope for interpretation.
  3. You should characterize your target customer using characteristics that can actually be identified and qualified. The characteristics should therefore be suitable for sorting contacts according to them.

The worthless target customer: Accurate but not to be found

If you arbitrarily collect and summarize commonalities of your potential customers, there is a great danger of creating a typification that cannot be found in reality. Either because this combination of characteristics does not occur at all or because the characteristics cannot be mapped in a sorting system.

An example:

You have come to the conclusion that your target customer is a real estate owner between 30 and 45 years of age with a preference for table tennis, Heineken beer and green corduroy pants. Where will you find this person? And then how will you recognize each one? Especially if you let tools support you in your lead generation, which you have to feed with unique data.

Keep your target customer profile quantifiable

For your target customer profile to work both in theory and as a practical basis, it must therefore remain quantifiable. Each individual characteristic for itself as well as the totality of the characteristics in their common appearance. Because even the best characteristic is of no use to you if there is no suitable mechanism to differentiate leads according to it.

Measurable features for more power

If you succeed in developing a meaningful target customer profile based on quantifiable characteristics, tools such as Implisense Pro help you to identify corresponding companies – with minimal effort. From hundreds of data points, select the ones that are relevant for identifying your ideal target customer and get qualified leads generated automatically.

In a previous blog post, we told you how to approach your target customer profile based on your existing customers – and how to automate large parts of this process with Implisense Pro.

Avoid impractical target customer profiles and pay attention to the quantifiability of your essential characteristics in the future.

Determine target customer profiles automatically

Use your target customer profile to find all the companies relevant to you in the German Commercial Register with just a few clicks.  The most efficient lead generation!


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Some tools to identify trigger events in Germany

In a previous article, we introduced trigger event marketing to you. This means the use of events that affect the industry, the company or the person of one of your potential customers as a concrete reason for sales and marketing approaches. Trigger event marketing is much more promising than classical cold calling, but researching and keeping track of potential contact occasions can quickly become very time-consuming. However, with various technical tools you can automatize parts of this process and significantly increase the efficiency of your trigger event marketing.

News about the company and the industry

The classic way to identify trigger events for your leads is to monitor public media. Is there news about the company in question? Are there new topics driving the industry? Instead of searching through various online portals manually, tools such as Google Alerts, Ubermetrics or Meltwater can help you to track reports on specific keywords for the German market. A notification informs you as soon as a new result matches your search criteria. Relevant news articles automatically end up in your inbox and only need to be evaluated.

trigger events contract conclusion
The challenge of keeping track of news on specific leads.

Monitoring Social Media

Entries in social networks and career portals can give you a lot of information about what your leads are up to, what topics they are dealing with or how they relate to certain events. And: They may be talking about your company. With monitoring tools such as TweetDeck, Hootsuite or Social Mention you keep an eye on the discussion on the Social Web – whether about your company or currently relevant topics. In addition, updates in career networks such as Xing (still very popular in Germany) and LinkedIn let you know when one of your contacts receives a promotion or changes companies, for example. Valuable information and promising contact events.

Opening e-mails

You can also create some trigger events yourself. For example, opening one of your e-mails by a lead can be a good reason to follow up over the phone (although this neat feature might be compromised in the future due to the GDPR). With Hubspot Signals or Yesware you will notice when your mails are clicked – and can then react to them.

Trigger Events topics
Which topics are moving your customers at the moment?

Algorithm driven monitoring

However, all of the methods mentioned above have one disadvantage: they are relatively difficult to configure or only cover part of the German-speaking area. With Implisense Pro, you can significantly simplify your monitoring process for this market. With a few clicks you create a list of the companies to be monitored – the algorithm does the rest. Automatically, the software is constantly searching for new information, changes and trigger events for your desired companies. You will be informed immediately about new features and can react instantly. Using the Implisense API, you can even integrate the service and the data obtained into your existing system very easily. This allows you to achieve maximum efficiency in identifying promising trigger events.

Crucial: React quickly and carefully

However, no matter how you have identified an interesting trigger event, it is important to react quickly and carefully. Reflect on what the trigger event creates for changes in your lead and what added value you can add in this context. The more detailed you have designed your added value argumentation for certain trigger events in advance, the easier it will be to address them and the easier it will be for you to be heard by your lead.

Automate your trigger event monitoring and make addressing your leads more successful and much more efficient.

Trigger Events monitoring

Targeted trigger event monitoring using the Implisense algorithm: Regularly and automatically receive current trigger events for your leads.


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What is Trigger Event Marketing?

The main issue of our blog posts are about identifying companies that can become profitable customers. But not only the question of “who?” is interesting for efficient and successful marketing. More and more it is about “When?”! The right moment can generate demand so that you sell quicker and with less amount of effort.

Small events can have major effects – also on your sales success

Examples of trigger events

Trigger events are internal or external events that generate changes in the evaluation of existing solutions for a potential customer. This can create the need for new solutions – your offer. Trigger events can occur in a single company or affect an entire industry.

Examples of trigger events:

  • A start-up receives an investment. This forces it to quickly build up structures for the targeted growth.
  • A new data privacy law comes into force. This forces companies to revise existing data processing processes.
  • A hidden champion received a major order. New specialists must be found quickly.
  • There is a change of personnel in top management. In a few months the priorities for investments will be redefined.
  • Two large companies merge. All other market players must adapt their strategies.

 How to use trigger events

By identifying such trigger events, you can identify specific contact occasions and tailor your marketing or sales activities to the current needs of your target group. While events that affect an entire industry still allow for relatively broad diversification, company-specific trigger events require a high degree of personalization. Thanks to a much higher conversion rate, however, this method is still extremely efficient. Of course, trigger event marketing is not only worthwhile for approaching potential new customers, but also for identifying and exploiting opportunities for upselling or cross-selling. Meet with sales and marketing people to discuss which triggering events make it easier for potential customers to listen to you. Create a Top 10 list of triggering events and check how you can continuously integrate them into your sales and marketing process.

Develop a list of trigger events that have historically promoted your acquisition

How to get trigger events

Once you have clarified which triggering events are relevant for you, the technical part begins. The basis of successful trigger event marketing is the monitoring of trigger events at potential companies. Start testing free solutions to assess the data potential at low risk. Free services such as Google Alerts or Google News can give you a first impression.

Note that free services are usually difficult to configure to obtain accurate results that you can easily integrate into your processes. With Implisense, you can manually monitor a list of companies in the Implisense Pro software with less effort. The Implisense API provides the best offer for integrating data into marketing and sales processes. This automates trigger event marketing at low running costs.

Keep up to date with your current and potential customers.

Implisense Pro delivers promising trigger events free to your door – completely automatically.

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