Three exemplary approaches for customer monitoring

Do you have the feeling of being informed about your important customers in the stressful day-to-day business? How many sources do you need to look at?

Here we have provided some tips for more efficiency in monitoring customers, partners and competitors with the Implisense Pro software.

Monitor customers, partners and competitors

For the efficient monitoring of 10 or 10,000 companies we recommend the use of lists. When updating extensive lists, we recommend the monthly excerpt of company names and addresses from your CRM and the subsequent Excel upload in Implisense Pro.

The following general structure in monitoring has proved its worth:

  • Key Accounts
    This is where the most important customers are organized, who are to be monitored daily. The aim is to be able to communicate at all times about what happens with the key accounts and to consider early on what you should do to strengthen your customer relationship.
  • All accounts
    All customers are organized in this list. This list is particularly useful for identifying possible cross-selling and up-selling due to company changes and converting the hits into a trigger-based marketing campaign. This approach is particularly recommended in combination with powerful marketing automation solutions.
  • Prospective customers
    Companies in this list come from trade fair contacts, inquiries via web or telephone or by recommendation. These companies you should monitor on news to resume the thread of conversation. You can also use certain changes to implement automated marketing campaigns.
  • Potential customers
    In these lists you collect potential customers. You can also import them from your CRM and monitor relevant news for response. You can also use the integrated similarity search to efficiently reach further potential customers based on your key accounts or accounts.
  • Partners
    Depending on the business model, some partners play a major role, e. g. as suppliers, customers, marketers or to generate publicity. Partner monitoring can help you to anticipate changes in your value creation at an early stage. Think of insolvencies or takeovers that force a reaction on your part and profit from it if you learn about them early enough.
  • Competitors
    Your direct or indirect competitors can play a different role in daily monitoring depending on the market. In particular, use the findings from monitoring new job advertisements or press releases to find out about relevant changes in the business model of your competitors at an early stage. Consider your competitors as an opportunity to define yourself in the market and improve your positioning.

Optimize your own positioning

Customers want to understand what makes you unique in the market as a supplier. In most markets there are alternative suppliers. Consider this as a source for sharpening your own profile. Set up marketing lists of alternative providers and study their topics. Twitter, press releases, changes on web pages are important sources that you can conveniently query per company via the Implisense Pro software. Collect changes in the presentation of your competitors’ products and services to optimize your own unique selling points and sales arguments.

Tip: Create a list of relevant competitors together with the marketing department. Use the time between meetings or waiting for the plane to scan the latest news more efficiently. Collect the best news for the meeting in the Marketing Meeting and find out how you can optimize your own positioning.

Track industry trends

Do you have a specific topic on which you would like to keep up to date? For example, create a list of companies in the subject area relevant to you and read what the companies publish regularly. No need to visit different websites or configure email alerts.

Would you like to know who advertises new jobs and build up skills in the areas you serve and offer? Then create a list of target accounts with Implisense’s intelligent company recommendation and watch the new job advertisements.

>> Try out the monitoring and other functions directly with the 14-day free trial access. We will be happy to support you in all questions concerning your specific use case.