Review of the year 2019

Over the last 6 ½ years, Implisense has continuously optimized solutions for corporate customer sales by further developing the founding idea ” Find companies at the push of a button” and orienting itself on the current state of AI application possibilities.

In 2019, activities focused on the further development of the Companies and Markets research platform. We have further improved the search options in the companies database, added new features and implemented a plus section with even more company information. In order to further optimize the high data quality and user experience, five additional employees were hired to optimally complement our motivated team. During the hackathon in the Algarve in May 2019, different teams worked on various challenges.

Review of 2019 focus Companies and Markets

Selected news 2019 in descending chronological order

(Source: Blogposts 2019)

Partner: Since December 3 Implisense offers on the RapidAPI marketplace

New add on: Since November, qualify incoming emails directly in your mailbox with “Implisense for Gmail”

New feature: Since September, daily social media monitoring with over 250,000 current social media articles on company profiles

Plus verion: Since September employee numbers, full management and more information by free registration

Extended search options: Since July full text search combined with filters and search suggestions

New product: Since June use the free data base for companies

Relaunch: Until Apil research platform Companies and Markets improved

Prospects for 2020

In 2020 we want to continue working on the optimization of our company database. For this purpose we are looking for creative and personable people from the fields of UX design and front-end development.

We are looking forward to further exciting projects. If you are interested in our developments for company search or enterprise sales solutions, please contact us by phone: +49 30 4833 1281 or by e-mail to

Implisense API version 1.90 and Update RapidAPI

This week we released another update of our API, version 1.90 is now available. The update is very powerful and improves the usability of the API considerably.

API version 1.90

First, we combined POST /lookup and GET /companies/{id}/data into an endpoint POST /companies/data, which returns the data for the company that comes first in the lookup. So you only need one request instead of two. GET /companies/{id}/data and all other GET /companies/{id}/ endpoints have also been extended so that they now also work with requests such as company names or e-mail addresses (e.g. GET /companies/Implisense/data or GET /companies/ instead of just with the implisense ID. However, this only works with unique company names.

An important new feature is the GET /suggest/{prefix} endpoint, which replaces the old auto-complete. This suggester can propose not only companies (with IDs) to a prefix, but also possible filters (places, industries, sizes), which can then be used in the search.

At the end of this text you will find a complete list of changes.

Implisense on the RapidAPI marketplace

We have also expanded our offer on the RapidAPI marketplace. Beside the company data there is now also the search from our API as German Company Search API available. With it you can easily browse our index via full text search and various filters and find suitable companies for your presentations and campaigns. Remember: Parts of our API can be booked and integrated directly via the RapidAPI marketplace. Billing takes place automatically according to consumption via the marketplace. In this way, the processes of activation, authentication and invoicing can be designed very efficiently. In addition, a subscription to the API on RapidAPI can be cancelled at any time.

We now offer a total of three offers on this marketplace:

  1. German Company Lookup and Activity Check API (free, limited to 1000 requests per month): Provides a lookup function and basic information on all companies listed in the German Commercial Register. Corresponds to the POST /lookup endpoint from our API.
  2. German Company Data API (freemium): Provides detailed data on all companies listed in the German Commercial Register for integration into your end system (CRM, MAS, ERP, etc.). Corresponds to the GET /companies/{id}/data endpoint from our API.
  3. German Company Search API (freemium): Enables the integration of search functionality into your end system. Corresponds to the POST /search endpoint from our API.

We encourage you to try these APIs, all three can be tested for free (the first API is even completely free). We assure you that your end systems will benefit enormously from the fact that they are neither initially empty nor need to be permanently maintained. We look forward to hearing from you about this!

Here you can download the current version of the documentation.

Take a look at the interactive documentation of the Implisense API version 1.90 online here.

Please find more information about the Implisense API here.


  • A new endpoint POST /companies/data is provided, which essentially combines the POST /lookup-endpoint with the GET /companies/{id}/data-endpoint. That is, you can specify lookup attributes to identify a company and then the data for the top hit is returned.
  • In the same spirit all the various GET /companies/{id}/-endpoints (/data, /people, /events, /links, /topics) have been transformed to accept a lookup query in addition to just the id (the id keeps working, of course). So, for example, instead of GET /companies/DEVFCLQFW054/data you can now also request GET /companies/Implisense/data or even GET /companies/ This works well only for companies with unique names, such as Implisense or Scout24, but does not work for companies with more generic names.
  • A new endpoint GET /suggest/{prefix} is provided, which replaces the deprecated /autocomplete-endpoint. This new endpoint is much more powerful in that it returns not only company suggestions, but also suggestions for filters, such as locations or industries.
  • The first result of the /lookup-endpoint is now completely freely available, no authentication is required. The only limitation is that the company url of the resulting company is not included in the output.
  • The /lookup-endpoint now supports a query parameter “size”, which lets you limit the number of results you want to have returned. The maximum number of results (ten) remains unchanged.
  • The “locationsFilter”-attribute for /search and /recommend supports now also five-digit zip codes for Germany (previously only two-digits).
  • The previously deprecated endpoints /autocomplete and /companies/{id}/dataplus have been removed.

Implisense API version 1.80

We released the new Implisense API version 1.80 last week. In the course of our lookup disclosure, we have also added a new internal endpoint GET /lookup/{query}, which provides you with matching company hits for a query in JSON format. Furthermore, we integrate our public company profiles on the search platform Companies and Markets more closely into the API and return the corresponding links in the lookup.

In the case of social media links, we have removed the decommissioned Google+ platform and added the rating platform Kununu. We also marked the less used endpoint /autocomplete as no longer supported. It will be replaced by a functionally superior /suggest endpoint in the future.

Here you can download the current version of the documentation.

You can view the interactive documentation of the Implisense API version 1.80 online here.

For more information about the Implisense API click here.


  • A new endpoint GET /lookup/{query} has been introduced. It essentially functions the same as the POST /lookup-endpoint with the query being used to fill the query-field in the LookupRequest.
  • The result of the /lookup-endpoint now includes the link to the public company web profile provided by Implisense.
  • The endpoint /topics now additionally returns the “threshold” parameter back in the output.
  • The endpoint /autocomplete has been marked as deprecated and is no longer documented. It will be replaced by an improved suggester endpoint.
  • The deprecated /profile-endpoint has been removed.
  • We removed Google+ from and added Kununu to the list of possible social media items.

Implisense API version 1.75

We released the new Implisense API version 1.75 last week. We are now fulfilling the requests we had for a long time to include our scores for search and recommendation. Please note that these scores are especially useful to clarify the distances in the ranking. However, they do not represent any probabilities in the mathematical sense.

Implisense API version 1.75

In other respects, this release focuses on small but useful improvements. Events can now be filtered by several types and categories at the same time. Topics can now also be displayed only above a certain threshold. In addition, we now also provide links to public company profiles in our free Companies And Markets network. A complete overview of all changes in this version can be found below.

Here you can download the current version of the documentation.

You can view the interactive documentation of the Implisense API version 1.75 online here.

For more information about the Implisense API click here.


  • The endpoints /search and /recommend now come with a score for each company result. The score will enable you to better judge the difference in quality between the individual results.
  • The “type”- and “category”-filter of the /events-endpoint now both allow filtering for multiple criteria. You can simply comma-separate them.
  • The /data-endpoint now additionally comes with a link to the public company web profile provided by Implisense.
  • We added a query parameter “threshold” to the /topics-endpoint that allows ignoring topics below the threshold for the result.
  • After removing the filters for revenues and employees we now removed the correspoding facets in the results for /search and /recommend to ensure consistency between filters and facets. Attention! This change may not be backward-compatible, please review your integration!
  • We added Instagram to the list of possibile social media items.

New classification for company sizes in the Implisense database

You may have already noticed: Since the beginning of May, we have adjusted our filters and outputs in our products according to company size, turnover and number of employees. From seven different classes for turnover and seven different classes for the number of employees, we have now created four classes for company sizes based on the EU definition of SMEs. In concrete terms, this means that they are classified as follows:

shortcut name number of employees annual turnover
MICRO micro companies < 10 < 2 Mio. €
SMALL small companies 10 – 49 2 – 10 Mio. €
MEDIUM medium-sized companies 50 – 249 10 – 50 Mio. €
LARGE large companies > 250 > 50 Mio. €

Most of our products have already been converted. You can see this, for example, in the modified filters in Implisense Pro or in the generated files for Implisense Leads and Implisense Qualify. For the Implisense API the updated documentation version 1.70 will be released soon, but the filters are already adapted.

We hope that we have standardized and simplified the segmentation in this dimension for you with these changes. If you have any questions or feedback, we look forward to hearing from you by e-mail at or by using our contact form!