Review of the year 2019

Over the last 6 ½ years, Implisense has continuously optimized solutions for corporate customer sales by further developing the founding idea ” Find companies at the push of a button” and orienting itself on the current state of AI application possibilities.

In 2019, activities focused on the further development of the Companies and Markets research platform. We have further improved the search options in the companies database, added new features and implemented a plus section with even more company information. In order to further optimize the high data quality and user experience, five additional employees were hired to optimally complement our motivated team. During the hackathon in the Algarve in May 2019, different teams worked on various challenges.

Review of 2019 focus Companies and Markets

Selected news 2019 in descending chronological order

(Source: Blogposts 2019)

Partner: Since December 3 Implisense offers on the RapidAPI marketplace

New add on: Since November, qualify incoming emails directly in your mailbox with “Implisense for Gmail”

New feature: Since September, daily social media monitoring with over 250,000 current social media articles on company profiles

Plus verion: Since September employee numbers, full management and more information by free registration

Extended search options: Since July full text search combined with filters and search suggestions

New product: Since June use the free data base for companies

Relaunch: Until Apil research platform Companies and Markets improved

Prospects for 2020

In 2020 we want to continue working on the optimization of our company database. For this purpose we are looking for creative and personable people from the fields of UX design and front-end development.

We are looking forward to further exciting projects. If you are interested in our developments for company search or enterprise sales solutions, please contact us by phone: +49 30 4833 1281 or by e-mail to

Review of the year 2018

2018 was a very productive year for Implisense. Thanks to the newly introduced team-based organisational structure with OKR methodology, significantly more developments could be carried out in parallel. Our customers benefited from this with completely new analyses, software and data services. For the first time Implisense delivers data on more than 2,000,000 companies per day to customers. One customer registered more than 1,000 users in our Enterprise solution. Due to the further increase in annual sales, additional employees can also be hired in 2019. We have introduced consistent blogging and social media publishing to ensure that our customers and interested parties are regularly informed about news on enterprise sales automation. This forms the basis for a compact review of last year’s highlights:

  • 5 new data analysis
  • 4 new products and services
  • 3 new marketers
  • 3 exhibition participations and 3 lectures
  • 1 anniversary celebration 5 years Implisense
  • 1 outstanding team event in africa
review of the year 2018

A selection of news from 2018

in descending chronological order:

New product: Better conversation preparation with Implisense Premium Reports

Data analyses: Typing of personality at company level

Exhibition participation: Implisense at TechCrunch Disrupt 2018 in Berlin

Data analyses: Monitoring international activities of companies

New partner: RapidAPI markets the Implisense API internationally

New partner: ABAS enters into marketing partnership with Implisense

Anniversary: Implisense is five

Exhibition participation: Implisense exhibits at DIGITAL2018

New product: E-Mail Qualifier for inbound lead qualification

Lecture: Artificial intelligence in sales at log in. berlin.

New partner: Zapier enables integration of Implisense in over 800 systems

Data analyses: Technographics – Identify technologies used by companies

Data analyses: Successful completion of the IBB project Customer Prediction Platform (CPP)

Data analyses: This is how 20 trigger events can be targeted in sales

Team event: Implisense goes Africa – Hackathon in Marrakech

New product: Companies and Markets launches in Germany

New product: Implisense Leads – individual company selections as service

Exhibition participation: Enterprise Sales Automation at HTPC 2018

Prospects for 2019

In 2019, we want to internationalize the development and marketing of Enterprise Sales Automation. To this end, we are looking for further intelligent and likeable people from the fields of software engineering, data science and marketing. So if 2019 is also a year in which you would like to invest in one of the most advanced enterprise sales automation technologies from Germany, we look forward to talking to you, e.g. at HPTC 2019 in Bonn, at hub 2019 in Berlin or simply on the phone: +49 30 4833 1281.

DIGITAL2018: The Summit of ideas on digitization

From 7th to 8th November 2018, the Cologne Exhibition Grounds were dedicated to the major task of digitisation with a special focus on German SMEs.

An event with the aim of speeding up, networking, explaining and helping to shape the future

The event, which was organized by Deutsche Telekom for the first time in this format and size in Cologne, was intended to motivate, network and accelerate. The fact that such a big topic as digitization leads to a successful event is not self-evident. Digitization is a phenomenon that permeates every corner of the economy and does not stop there. The many facets of digitization could easily lead to visitors being overwhelmed. But that didn’t happen, thanks to a smart trade fair design.

presentation at DIGITAL2018.
presentation at DIGITAL2018.

The two days were structured with constant keynote speeches in various areas in order to attract visitors to the fair on a variety of topics and with a wide range of demands. CEOs such as Tim Höttges, Apple Co-Founder Steve Woszniak or Sigmar Gabriel from a political point of view reported on digitisation on the global stage. Major players such as Huawei and Samsung showed upcoming innovations such as foldable displays in end devices. Many exhibits demonstrated Internet of Things solutions, even there, one would not expect them immediately, e.g. for monitoring the health of beehives. The TU Munich showed prototypes of a special Hyperloop Train, Fraunhofer demonstrated a simple robot programming as an advanced training program.

Start-Up-Square: A space for digital “future creators” at DIGITAL2018

About 20 startups from the Telekom TechBoost program presented their mostly data-driven innovations, for example in the area of mobility data, biological data or company data. Implisense exhibited in this area with its own stand at DIGITAL18 to present our latest product “Implisense Reports” for the first time.

product presentation "Implisense Reports"
product presentation “Implisense Reports”

The Implisense Reports have been developed to enable small or large companies with a CRM system to receive up-to-date news and analytical insights on the business model for all existing customers. Since the reports can also be displayed as web pages within a CRM, time-consuming integrations or data reconciliation are not necessary.

After two days at the trade fair, we will take a deep breath in Berlin, reflect on the positive feedback and look forward to seeing the successful DIGITAL2018 format again next year.


Further information about the DIGITAL2018.

We will be happy to answer your questions about the new “Implisense Reports” by e-mail.

Pictures by Dr. Andreas Schäfer

HTPC Rückblick

Führende DAX-Unternehmen, internationale Tech-Player und Marktführer des deutschen Mittelstandes trafen bei der diesjährigen High Tech Partnering Conference (HTPC) auf innovative Jungunternehmen aus dem HTGF-Portfolio.

Ein tolles Rahmenprogramm rund um das Thema Digital Business Transformation und eine hervorragende Location am malerischen Rheinufer lieferten alle weiteren notwendigen Voraussetzungen, um spannende Gespräche mit potenziellen Partnern und Kunden führen zu können.

Teilnehmer der HTPC konnten sich an unserem Stand direkt im Zeitraffer anschauen, welche Vertriebssignale für ihr spezifisches Unternehmen von unserem System strukturiert erfasst werden, welche neuen Verknüpfungen zu anderen Unternehmen entstehen und durch welche Charakteristika sich diese neuen Verbindungen über die Zeit abheben.

Zusammen mit unseren Gesprächspartnern konnten wir auf der HTPC unsere Erfahrung diskutieren,

  • was Digitalisierung in Marketing und Sales in B2B bedeutet.
  • wie einschlägige Unternehmen Digitalisierung in Sales und Marketing gestalten können, anstatt selbst von diesem Prozess gestaltet zu werden.
  • welchen Herausforderung bei der Einführung einer datengetriebenen Sales Kultur wir bisher wahrgenommen und wie wir diese gemeistert haben.

Ein persönliches Highlight – neben diesem lohnenswerten Austausch mit potenziellen Kunden und Partnern – war der Blick über den Tellerrand bei zahlreichen Expertenrunden zu einzelnen Teilaspekten der Digitalisierung. Dank innovativer Fellow Startups wie mobileJobs, MoBerries und  Loopline konnte Implisense selbst hier noch dazulernen. Etwa bei der Gestaltung von modernen Recruitment Prozessen. Oder grundsätzlich bei der strategischen Bedeutung der Personalentwicklung, v.a. für dynamisch wachsende Unternehmen.

Wir bedanken uns bei unserenGesprächspartnern und dem High Tech Gründerfonds für die HTPC ‘18 und freuen uns auf das nächste Jahr!

HTPC review

Leading DAX companies, international tech players and market leaders in the German mid-market met innovative young companies from the HTGF portfolio at this year’s High Tech Partnering Conference (HTPC).

A great programme around the topic of digital business transformation and an excellent location on the picturesque banks of the Rhine provided all the other necessary conditions for exciting discussions with potential partners and customers.

Participants of the HTPC could have a look in time lapse at our stand to see which sales signals for their specific company are captured in a structured way by our system, which new connections to other companies arise and by which characteristics these new connections stand out over time.

Together with our conversation partners we were able to discuss our experience at the HTPC,

  • which is the meaning of digitalization in marketing and sales in B2B.
  • how relevant companies can design digitalization in sales and marketing instead of being shaped by this process themselves.
  • the challenges we have faced in introducing a data-driven sales culture and how we have mastered them.

A personal highlight – in addition to this rewarding exchange with potential customers and partners – was the opportunity to look beyond the horizon of numerous expert rounds on individual aspects of digitization. Thanks to innovative Fellow Startups such as mobileJobs, MoBerries and Loopline, Implisense was able to learn even here. For example, in the design of modern recruitment processes. Or the strategic importance of personnel development, especially for dynamically growing companies.

We would like to thank our conversation partners and the High Tech Gründerfonds for the HTPC’ 18 and look forward to next year!