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Technographics – What the technology used is telling you about your target group

Following our recent focus on firmographics as B2B counterparts to demographic data, we would like to discuss a third category of market segmentation information: technographics refers to technographic segmentation.

Technographics also serve to summarize or differentiate individuals or companies on the basis of their similarities and differences with regard to certain variables. In order to be able to deduce from this how likely they are to be interested for your own product or service or to be able to tailor your marketing and sales approach to this target group.

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What is technographic data?

Technographic data provides information about the hardware or software used by a specific person or company, their usage patterns or their attitudes to specific technologies. Just as demographics and firmography each provide a profile of the person or company to be described, so a technographic description gives you a picture of the person or company’s IT profile.

What do technographics tell you?

The use of technographics naturally makes sense especially in technological environments. If, for example, you offer business software, it is logically a strategic advantage for you to know which other systems are already in use in this company.

But even beyond IT-based products and services, these data have some significance. Knowledge about the use of certain industry-specific software can provide you with insights into certain internal processes. Or the use of many cloud services can give you insight into the home office policy of your leads. And so on – in particular by linking the technographic data with firmographic information or certain trigger events – profound conclusions can be drawn.

Where do you get technographic data from?

There are many ways to obtain information about the technical conditions in your target group. In some cases it is enough to simply ask for it. Maybe your support is directly at the customer’s and can get a picture of the situation on site. Another possibility are digital crawlers that, for example, read information about the IT environment of your website visitors. But job advertisements can also be a valuable source. Take a look at what software skills potential employees are expected to have. And, of course, such data can also be purchased from special service providers.

You can easily access technographic data using Implisense Pro. With intelligent filters, you can even search for companies with specific IT needs.

Admittedly, the interpretation of technographic data may require a certain degree of creativity and association, depending on the activity of your company. But especially in conjunction with company graphics or other information you already have about the company in question, they can provide you with the decisive impulses for a promising approach in marketing and sales. And they are a must for IT companies anyway.

Give it a try: This step-by-step explanation makes it very easy to find companies that use a certain technology (e.g. Mailchimp).