Use trigger events to personalize your message

A few weeks ago, we discussed what trigger event marketing means and the opportunities it offers your company. Read this article again here.

But identifying a promising trigger event is only half the battle. To ensure that you actually increase the chance of a successful contact with your actual or potential interested party, it also depends on your message. This becomes even clearer when you consider that you will probably not be the only one reacting to the corresponding trigger event. Your contact might be confronted with an increased volume of mails and calls during this time. This underlines the importance of setting yourself apart from the crowd.

Success factors of a trigger message

To help your message leave a lasting impression on your contact and increase your chances of a successful conclusion, you should stimulate the recipient in three ways:

  1. Personalization by trigger event

    The obvious first: Of course you should consider the event that led to your contact – or the consequences for your contact. The more personal you can address your contact person, the better. For example, search on social media platforms for the person in question and make the most of your knowledge. Make it clear why your contact should talk to you NOW. This is the core of trigger event marketing.

  2. Clear formulation of added value

    Your contact should not only feel in your message that you know what he needs right now – but also understand how you can help him. Even if the trigger event is the reason for your contact: The added value of your product or service should be a central part of your message. The more you succeed in highlighting it based on the immediate needs of your contact resulting from the trigger event, the more likely your message will work.

  3. Use psychological triggers

    While points 1 and 2 form the rational framework of your message, psychological triggers contribute to reaching your contact on an emotional level. And it has been proven that this also plays an important role in B2B purchasing decisions. Make an emotional connection between you and your contact and stand out from the many stereotypical mails and calls that will reach your contact as a result of the trigger event.

trigger event search

Examples of psychological triggers

There are many ways to establish an emotional connection to your contact. This depends also on the respective trigger event and on your existing relationship with this person. A good approach, for example, is the principle of reciprocity. Help out your contact without directly asking anything for it – for example with a good tip that will help him in view of the current trigger event. This increases the chance that your contact will provide you with something in return. Such a tip can be specific and technical depending on the event. Or simply a nice restaurant recommendation near the office after a new hiring or location opening.

Another possibility is to demonstrate your competence through reports from other customers. Ideally, of course, from customers who were in a similar situation to your contact. Use quotes and original tones or case studies to pick up your contact from where he is at the moment. And show that you are just the person to help him in this situation. If you don’t have references, but you may have been in a similar situation yourself, share your own experiences instead and establish common ground between yourself and your contact.

psychological triggers

And the classic principle of shortage can also lead to success in trigger event marketing. Awaken in your contact the concern to miss a particularly good offer and use the favor of the hour. This psychological trigger is particularly suitable for events that indicate a concrete interest of your contact in your offer. For example, reopening an e-mail or something similar.

No personalization without knowledge

Good trigger event marketing therefore stands or falls with personalization. The more sharply you tailor your message to your contact and his current situation, the better. Implisense Pro gives you access to an incredibly broad knowledge of the company at the touch of a button. This way you not only easily identify trigger events, but also receive valuable clues for the personalization of your message – from hundreds of different data points, up-to-date on a daily basis.

Maximize the success of your trigger event marketing with a high degree of personalization and the right psychological triggers!

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