What is Trigger Event Marketing?

The main issue of our blog posts are about identifying companies that can become profitable customers. But not only the question of “who?” is interesting for efficient and successful marketing. More and more it is about “When?”! The right moment can generate demand so that you sell quicker and with less amount of effort.

Small events can have major effects – also on your sales success

Examples of trigger events

Trigger events are internal or external events that generate changes in the evaluation of existing solutions for a potential customer. This can create the need for new solutions – your offer. Trigger events can occur in a single company or affect an entire industry.

Examples of trigger events:

  • A start-up receives an investment. This forces it to quickly build up structures for the targeted growth.
  • A new data privacy law comes into force. This forces companies to revise existing data processing processes.
  • A hidden champion received a major order. New specialists must be found quickly.
  • There is a change of personnel in top management. In a few months the priorities for investments will be redefined.
  • Two large companies merge. All other market players must adapt their strategies.

 How to use trigger events

By identifying such trigger events, you can identify specific contact occasions and tailor your marketing or sales activities to the current needs of your target group. While events that affect an entire industry still allow for relatively broad diversification, company-specific trigger events require a high degree of personalization. Thanks to a much higher conversion rate, however, this method is still extremely efficient. Of course, trigger event marketing is not only worthwhile for approaching potential new customers, but also for identifying and exploiting opportunities for upselling or cross-selling. Meet with sales and marketing people to discuss which triggering events make it easier for potential customers to listen to you. Create a Top 10 list of triggering events and check how you can continuously integrate them into your sales and marketing process.

Develop a list of trigger events that have historically promoted your acquisition

How to get trigger events

Once you have clarified which triggering events are relevant for you, the technical part begins. The basis of successful trigger event marketing is the monitoring of trigger events at potential companies. Start testing free solutions to assess the data potential at low risk. Free services such as Google Alerts or Google News can give you a first impression.

Note that free services are usually difficult to configure to obtain accurate results that you can easily integrate into your processes. With Implisense, you can manually monitor a list of companies in the Implisense Pro software with less effort. The Implisense API provides the best offer for integrating data into marketing and sales processes. This automates trigger event marketing at low running costs.

Keep up to date with your current and potential customers.

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